Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chongqing, Adoption Day

Charlie posing with a statue at the Civil Affairs office

Our sad little one after seeing her caregivers

Jenna's feeling better...enough to give Daddy a smile

Charlie and his new friend, Annabelle, who is also 5 years old. They will be staying at our hotel in GZ, too!
Little Jenna is not so happy about her bath...but she's so cute in her new jammies!!

Happy playing with her tag. Have I mentioned that she throws nothing away? It's all in her backpack!

Still hangin' on to that tag...

Night, night, little ones.
What a great day with Jenna! She started out a little quiet and tentative, but by the time I was out of the shower, Jamie had new clothes on her and she was playing with her Mulan doll. Awesome! I can’t believe he was able to get her dressed without tears…from Jenna, I mean. And she looked just adorable in her new clothes. We are on a mission, though, to find some new shoes. The ones I brought are too small, and she has rather wide feet. The red boots from the orphanage are nice, but just not girly enough for some of the clothes we brought. Jenna also let me comb her hair, brush her teeth, and put a little lip gloss on her little lips. She has a cough and runny nose…guessing I may be catching it by sharing my lip gloss.

And this girl can eat! At breakfast, she ate bacon, eggs, muffins, 2 yogurt drinks…forget the Chinese congee. She wanted nothing to do with it. Once again, I see our grocery bill rising. Look out, big brothers, she likes to sample food from everyone’s plate. Lunch and dinner followed suit…let’s try food from everyone’s plate, and if I don’t, I’m going to give you some pitiful looks with tears in my eyes. Yes, folks, she already has Daddy wound very tightly around her finger. A look like that, and Daddy’s scrambling to find out what she wanted from his plate so he can share with her. She prefers Daddy to feed her, hold her, and pay attention to her. She’s in his arms, on his lap to eat, and in our bed…and that is not something we’ve done with any of our kids! She even had a drinking game going with him at dinner. Jamie would take a drink (while she’s watching and grinning) and then she would take a drink. And this went on for some time. She has such a sweet smile…just melts a heart and turns Daddy into putty!

Charlie, Jenna, and I spent some time playing in the hotel lobby while Daddy took care of banking business after breakfast. We chatted with a lady who is adopting a 13 year old girl, and who just adopted a 5 year old boy last year. It’s amazing how many families we are finding who are back again. After Daddy returned, we grabbed lunch, and headed back to the Civil Affairs building to finalize the adoption in China.

Jenna was tired by this time, and the van ride was a pretty solemn one. Not sure if she remembered the ride from yesterday and all that went along with it, or if she just preferred not to be riding in the van. Nevertheless, it was solemn, and once we got into the building, it was not a good thing for her. The lady from the orphanage that brought her to us yesterday, and the young girl, were there waiting to greet us. Jenna saw them right away and started squirming to go to them. We felt bad doing this, but we said hello and kept right on walking to the other side of the room. Jenna looked frantically for them over my shoulder and then the tears started, and she sobbed once again. Darn it…I know they wanted to say goodbye and we are indeed thankful for their love, but this is not what Jenna needed. For a good ½ hour, she cried and called for them, saying that she wanted to back with them. Broke my heart…not because she wanted to be with them and not us, but because she had to go through these emotions again. How confusing it must be for her. Finally, they got up and went into another room. Jenna still searched for them, and we got our official family photo taken with a very sad little girl. She sat on my lap for a long time…just sunken in my arms with a sad face.

We waited for quite a while in this office while money transfers were confirmed, and paperwork completed. We chatted with other families and shared struggles we faced, as well as things to laugh about and celebrate. Finally, we went through the final adoption ceremony, and given permanent custody of Jenna. In China’s eyes, we are Jenna’s forever mama and baba.

Back at the hotel, Charlie got to go swimming with Daddy, while Jenna and I played with stickers and papers. Smiles and our happy girl reappeared. When the guys returned, we went to the lounge for dinner. Char fell asleep on my lap…and that means he was super tired because that usually does not happen. Jenna got her first bath and was not particularly fond of it. What a pathetic look she shared with me as we finished! The little ones are asleep now together on the cot…and I did get Jenna to wear her new jammies tonight. She looks so sweet!

Good night from Chongqing!


Adeye said...

Oh my friend, it has been so much fun keeping up and seeing the awesome pics. For some reason blogger would not allow me to comment on your last post. No idea why.

Wow, she sure is a little treasure. Absolutely beautiful. I have no doubt that the worst is behind you and she will be all smiles from here on. She seems to be a tough little love :) Precious.

Hang in there and take baby steps. It gets better and better each day.

Hugs from VA.

Andy said...

Hello! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I found your blog via another one I have been following. I was wondering from the photos, does Jenna have cleft hands/feet? We adopted our daughter in March 2009 and she has this special need. (she just had her second hand surgery yesterday!). We love finding other families/children with is special need (if that's the case!)

Anyway, best of luck with everything. You have a beautiful family!

Megan said...

Every sounds just great! Of course there is the expected struggles but, well, they are expected! Glad you are there getting your precious girlie! She is simply adorable and it is amazing how they can get their daddies wrapped around their fingers! Praying for you all~

Holly said...

oh the memories!
Love the photos...brings back so many feelings for me. China has a way of just weaving its way into hearts :)
If you can just make it to GZ you will be able to find tons of shoes there :)

Chrissy said...

This is all bringing back so many memories. Thank you so much for sharing. I really think from Lila's reaction that she remembers Jenna. Won't it be amazing when we get them together again? Do you get to go to the SWI?