Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chongqing City Tour - 1/19/11

Our mornings are going so smoothly with Miss Jenna. She probably thought we were nuts, waking up at 5:30 AM, but that’s jet lag for ya! She snuggled in bed for a few with her puppy, and then watched a DVD with Charlie. Did I mention she’s potty trained at night? Wahoo! She’s wearing pull-ups just in case…we don’t want to buy a mattress for our hotel. I dressed her this morning with no problem and got a headband and flower in her hair. She smiled, and promptly pulled it out…I put it back in and then gave up the battle at the breakfast table.

She ate like a trooper at breakfast again, and is using a fork quite well. By the way, Amarin…she’s a lefty just like you and Daddy!

David, our guide, picked us up at 10AM to go on a city tour. We visited the outside of an old opera house, the Three Gorge Museum, and a beautiful park. The Opera House was built by Deng Zhou Peng (spelling?). Mao thought he was plotting against him, so Peng was arrested and brought to Beijing until Mao died. Beautiful opera house, though!

The Three Gorge Museum was next and it was inside the beautiful park. We walked through the park first, and saw coy ponds, bamboo, banyan trees, palms, and older people doing tai chi.
In the museum, we learned about the 3 gorges, the massive dam that was built, and how it changed the landscape. This museum was open air, and we had already spent most of our time outside, and it was damp and misty.

So, by this time, we were pretty chilly and wanting to get warm, thinking the tea house would be just the place.
Except it, too, was not heated. But the tea was hot, and we all enjoyed the demonstration and warming up with the different flavors of tea. We sampled jasmine, oolong/ginseng, and lychee. We also learned how to circle the tea twice in front of our face to observe the color, smell it, slurp it, and then make noise with our tongue to prove we’re really tasting it, and not just drinking it. I actually just wanted to drink it to get warm! You should have heard Jenna slurp her tea. Even the server was laughing...the girl can slurp! And since that's polite, she was the most polite guest they've probably had! Charlie was great at trying the teas, and liked pouring it for himself.

We left there to come back to the hotel, stopping on the way at a pharmacy to get something to help Jenna’s runny nose and cough.
I knew it would happen…and it happened to Jamie. He got in trouble with the “clothes police!!” As he was passing by a little shop with several older women inside, they yelled at him because Jenna’s legs were not covered by her ankles. What neglect! But they were serious, and I was glad it wasn’t me on the receiving end!

For lunch, it was McDonalds, and then we all took a nap.
Jenna was cute eating her burger. She held the whole thing, but ate only the top bun first, then part of the bottom, and handed the rest to Daddy. Bu Yaou, she says…don’t want.

Other funny moments…the word for daddy is baba.
The word for poop is also baba…just with a different inflection. So, I’m never sure what I’m calling Jamie, or what I’m asking her to do in the potty. Sorry, Jamie!

Jenna is starting to have fun chasing Charlie around the room, and since it’s not that big, we took them to the fitness center where there is a stretching room.
They ran around and we spun them in circles. Then off to dinner where Char fell asleep in his chair, and Jenna wolfed down more bread than all of us put together. Jamie was playing with her and asked for a piece of her bread. She gave him a piece, he ate it, and she got mad! Best not to mess with her cuisine!

Three different times we’ve seen her countenance change.
The first time was in the van on our way to tour. All of sudden she got very solemn. She thought we were going back to the Civil Affairs building. The guide explained that we were going to a park, then she nodded and smiled again. The next time was right before dinner. She again got a solemn look, but did better when we gave her dinner. Finally, after a very happy dinner (minus the daddy/bread incident), she started rubbing her eye. Jamie picked her up, she layed her head on his shoulder and started sobbing…big tears. We let her cry for about ½ hour, just holding her. Then we got her jammies on knowing she’s tired, gave her a snack, and she settled down in her bed. Poor thing. I have to wonder what’s going through her little mind. We’ve never had a child grieve like this, and although I know it’s perfectly normal and a good thing in some ways, it’s so hard to watch. And Charlie will usually get all teary with her. He doesn't understand why we're not taking her back to her mama and baba at the orphanage if that's what she wants. How do you explain that one to a little guy who sees his sister so sad? And how must we look to him right now, being the ones taking her away when she's saying she doesn't want to go?

But right now she’s cuddled with her puppy in bed, cozy in her jammies, and watching Charlie laugh at a Tom & Jerry cartoon.
She’ll just need time…

I have to say, though, our days are great, she's very content and happy most of the time, and her little personality is coming through beautifully. She's such a blessing!

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Debbie Sauer said...

She is so precious. At least she lets you cuddle her when she is sad. Looking forward to more pics. Blessings

amyhusted said...

What a realm of emotions and many that Jenna probably won't even remember. She is definitly a beautiful girl and sounds like you have another strong personality living in your house or maybe her softness will show through with all those kisses to her daddy. Praying that your time there and travel will keep you safe. Hugs and kisses to you all.

Megan said...

Jenna is so precious! The grieving is so hard but such a great sign. The pictures are awesome, can't wait to see the whole family together.