Friday, January 21, 2011

Farewell Chongqing, Hello Guangzhou

No tears at breakfast today! Wahoo!! She slept in later, so Charlie and I headed to breakfast first, and then met Jamie & Jenna as they were coming to join us. The best part for the kids at breakfast? Yogurt drinks! They love them. Not sure it’s the best thing for Jenna’s congestion right now…but hey…no tears! We put Jenna on an antibiotic last night to try to clear up her congestion and coughing, just in case it works itself into something more. We obviously don’t want her sick, and would rather not have any complications at the health check Saturday.
You all have been asking questions, so I’ll try to answer them.
  1. What is Jenna’s special need? She has cleft hands and feet. You’d never know by the way she runs around and uses her little hands. She’s determined. We’ll check with doctors when we return home to see if anything needs to be done or not.
  2. What’s the weather? In Chongqing, it’s cold, damp, and sometimes drizzling. The first day here we actually had some snow flurries. Guangzhou, according to AOL weather, looks pretty sunny and in the 60s. We can’t wait to spend some time outside.
  3. The pee-pee boy. No, we didn’t buy a pee-pee boy at the tea shop. It was cute…Charlie didn’t know whether he should laugh, or wait for someone to get into trouble for making a mess all over the chairs in the tea room! Somehow, I think if I bought one, it wouldn’t just be used for tea!
  4. Did we go to the orphanage? No, we did not. We did ask on Gotcha Day if we could visit. The office director said we could, but that they were in a temporary building, and Jenna hadn’t been there very long. Then, after seeing how she grieved after seeing them again on Tuesday, we decided it probably wasn’t a good idea. We thought would be a bit cruel to take her back to visit, only to pull her away again. And since it wasn’t even the building where she spent most of her time, it wasn’t something we thought was necessary. I wish it would have worked out to visit as I would have loved to have photos of her orphanage, as well as share with her little friend who’s already home!
  5. Hotels: Now I can share that we stayed at the JW Marriott in Chongqing. Beautiful hotel, and if you can get upgraded to one of the executive floors, you have access to the lounge. We ate breakfast and dinner every day for free. And, you can get bottled water, coffee, etc. all day long. It’s great, and they have a great spread of western and eastern foods. In GZ…yes, Jenny…we’re staying where you asked. Another family will be there, too, and it sounds great! We’re hoping we get on the same floor so their daughter and Charlie, both 5 years old, can run up and down the hall and have fun together.
  6. Chandra: If you send me a message with your email or blog address (I can’t access blogger to get it right now), I will pass it on to my friend here who is adopting the 13 year old girl.
Keep the questions coming, and I’ll answer them for you!
(time lapse of…a whole bunch of hours)
OK…now it’s Saturday morning in Guangzhou, and we’re excited to be here for the 2nd week of our trip. Yesterday, we walked around Chongqing a little before heading to the airport. We bought a Tom & Jerry DVD set in English & Chinese…Charlie laughs so hard at these movies! And Jenna got an English/Chinese DVD set of children’s songs like “Wheels on the Bus.”
Then we headed to Starbucks for a coffee…and I had my run-in with the merciless “clothes police” which made Jamie’s look like a piece of cake. Jenna had to go potty, and the one at Starbucks was broken. So I took her next door to KFC, without a coat, because it was only 2 seconds walking outside in a covered corridor and I was also afraid that the coat might end up in the squatty potty. When we got there, (note: the bathroom was warm), there were several young women in front of us, and did I get the evil eye. Before I knew it, one of them lifted Jenna’s shirt to see if she had another layer on underneath…she didn’t. Then she started chatting with the other women, looking at me and pointing to her coat. I did my best charades to tell them her coat was “just over there.” They would not give it up! They were trying to talk to her, probably asking if she was cold, and then got another woman involved that walked in behind me. I was sandwiched and they were persistent! Then the same woman who lifted her shirt reached for her pant leg, probably to check to see if she had the Michelin-man long underwear on…she didn’t. Umm…I slapped her hand and told her “no, it’s enough.” I pointed to myself and said, “Mama.” Her eyes looked a bit surprised, but no more was said. Not my proudest moment, but back off and don’t touch my child again! I have 5 kids…none of whom have ever been frozen solid! We walked back and I told Jamie what happened and he said, “Great. Now they’ll have the real police out lookin’ for you!” Not really. J
The flight to Guangzhou was delayed 2 hours (no chicken feet, Lisa!), but there were 2 other families that we knew from earlier in the week, so we chatted with them and the time flew. The flight was great, and even though it was only 1.5 hours, they gave us a full meal and drinks. The kids both did great. Charlie slept for the whole flight, and I don’t think Jenna even knew we were on the air. Short little thing couldn’t see out the window! I napped, and Jamie said Jenna kept staring at me.
Our guide, Cordelia, met us and two other families from our agency at the airport. What a bubbly gal she is! She had our itinerary all printed out...very organized, too. I like this! Our hotel here is great. We were upgraded to a suite, and it has a ton of room. There was only one big bed, and a sofa where Char wanted to sleep, so we had to call for a cot. Charlie patted Jenna’s head and said, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll find a place for you to sleep.” I laughed…sweet big brother, but I guess he wasn’t about to give up his sleeping place, either!
Our heads finally hit the pillow a few minutes before midnight, and we were up at 6AM. It’s 7:15 now, and the kids are not budging, even with the tv going and the lights on. We have Jenna’s medical check this AM, and we have to meet our guide and the other families at the White Swan first to do some paperwork.
So, I’ll leave for now, and fill you all in later about our first day in GZ.
PS. There were no tears from Jenna all day Friday! Yeah!! And…this girl can slurp noodles like there’s no tomorrow. And the more we laughed at her doing this at lunch, the more she grinned and slurped away!


Adeye said...

Oh praise God your sweetie is doing so well. I LOVE that the tears are drying :) Wonderful. She is just as precious as can be, friend. Adorable.

You're almost home.

Rebekah said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog and am thrilled for you and your family. You had me laughing out loud about the clothes police. Yes, I will say that if you have 5 kids and none have been frozen solid, then you know what you're doing!!! We will be traveling soon and will be in cold Tianjin, so I guess I better dress my sweeties warmly!

Nichole and Craig said...

So glad to hear that she is settling in. She is such a cutie and I love how Charlie is taking such good care of her. Congrats again.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How exciting, already a tearless day! About the clothes thing, interesting how cultures can be so different. I lived in Japan for six years. There the school children wear shorts in the winter time for school uniforms. They think it will toughen them up and prevent them from catching colds while we foreigners are shivering and bundled up in down coats. B-T-W, my e-mail address is Thanks!

Michelle said...

Oooh, I'll bet that lady will tell the story about you popping her hand for YEARS to come! Good for you, honey! Good for you! Sounds like Jamie's got himself a Daddy's girl!!! I love it! So glad that she's having days of fewer tears. I can hardly wait for y'all to get home and see what she things when she meets the rest of the family!

Chrissy said...

It sounds like things just keep getting better with her! I totally understand that you didn't get to the orphange. I was a little concerned about how hard it would have been for Jenna too. I SO would have slapped that woman's hand too, GO ANGIE!