Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gotcha Day with Jenna

Stuffing her pockets with her toys - Jamie thought this was hilarious

Giving the peace sign. Yeah for peace!

Enjoying food with Daddy

Kisses for Daddy

We hit the bed hard last night. Poor Char…I thought he was going to fall asleep in his plate at dinner. We tucked him in and he was out within minutes. As I was tucking him in, though, he was wiggling with excitement about meeting Jenna today. He will be a great big brother.

We slept well, and were able to sleep until about 5 A.M. I heard Char whisper, “Mom.” “What?” “Are we getting on the plane today to go get Jenna?” “No, we’re going to take a car today.” Pause. “Mom?” “What?” “I wanna adopt more sisters.” Be still my heart! I love hearing these words from my boys!

At 10:30, we met with our guide, David, to sign a pile of papers. He took us to a department store for an electronic purchase so we could download photos, we came back and ate some spicey Chinese food at the hotel, and then waited for what seemed forever, for 1:30 when we would meet David in the lobby to go to Jenna.

Finally, 1:30 arrived, we hopped into the van and drove to the Civil Affairs office here in Chonqing. Our little one was waiting for us on the 14th floor, our guide told us. There was another woman meeting her 13 year old daughter also staying at our hotel, but her daughter arrived early, so she had already left to meet her.

The first thing Char said when we arrived at the building was, “I have to go potty.” Seriously, now?? But we found out that Jenna’s ride was stuck in traffic and she hadn’t arrived yet. OK, buddy…you can go potty…but hurry!

We only had to wait a few minutes…long enough to take off our coats, set down our bags, and chat with a Louisiana family waiting for their little girl. The office was very clean and shiny, and probably used so often for not only adoptions, but also, marriages.

Then I heard Jamie say, “That’s her!” We stood there staring for a moment and then realized we ought to grab the camera! She was all dressed in red…a red coat, red pants, and red boots. She looked like a little Michelen man in all her layers. She was carrying a new set of markers and a plastic ball, probably farewell gifts from her caregivers. She arrived with the orphanage office director and her “daughter” (in the yellow coat). Not really her daughter, but that’s how she referred to her. Later, we were told that she needed a home, too…joking that she could cook and clean for us. Oh, my. Don’t do that to me…I’d take her in a heart beat if we could!

So, we spent about 45 minutes at the office just playing with her, asking questions of the caregivers, and signing more papers. Jenna was so happy and smiley the whole time…calling us mama and baba, saying thank you for the lollis we gave her, giving us hugs and kisses…but then would venture right back to the side of her “sister” or caregiver. Umm…thinking this could be difficult when we leave. Char did great, too. He gave Jenna her new puppy, patted her head, tried talking to her, and ran around a bit. And, yes, he did come up for some reassuring hugs from mom and dad while we were lovin’ on Jenna.

Then it was time to leave. Jamie picked her up first, and boy did she squirm and fuss to get down. So, he handed her to me, thinking that would be better. Umm…no. She writhed and cried with me, too…all the way back to the hotel, and for 3 hours straight in our room. I even got clunked in the head with her pack of markers. This girl has a set of lungs! It started with crying for mama and baba (from the orphanage). After a while, it turned into an angry scream and cry. She wanted out! She was in so many layers, we thought maybe it would be wise to take off her coat and boots. Not wise. She was ticked! She put them right back on herself, grabbed her toys, and walked to the door and sat there and sobbed. I’ve never seen this much anguish in a child before, but understandably so…she just lost everything and everyone she’s ever known. By golly, at least she can hold on to her own coat and boots. We tried everything we could think of…holding her, putting her down, offering her treats. She would get down and was so upset, she would stagger. So Jamie decided that it was best to just hold her, let her scream, but at least she wouldn’t hurt herself.

Most of this time, Char was watching his DVD player, occasionally covering his ears telling us that she was really loud. Ya think? He asked a few times to go swimming, so Jamie decided to take him, and I stayed with Jenna. Shortly thereafter, I offered her fish crackers, and she accepted them, and no more screaming. She would glare at me out of the corner of her eyes, but at least we were making progress. Then we got down on the floor and played with her new Mulan doll and accessories. She smiled and played with me! Yes! The guys came back to quiet, happy girls! For the rest of the evening, she chatted, gave kisses, ate (this girl LOVES food), and went potty (just like my dream)! We were also in stitches because she was stuffing as much as she could into her pockets!

Progress was definitely being made with this pumpkin, but two things she insisted upon…no bath and no jammies. I did insist that she wear a pullup to bed, but once we got that on, she was OK. At least she didn’t scream at me…or clunk me in the head. She kept babbling something at me when I showed her the bath and her jammies…I think maybe she was telling me that she was leaving. Not sure…but it would make sense. We finally bribed her with fruit snacks to hop up onto the bed next to me for rest, and to take off her boots. We had wriggled her coat off her earlier, second attempt, even though it made her mad. At least now she wouldn’t be too hot in bed.

Jenna has a cold, so we gave her some Triaminic PM…for her cold, and to help her rest. I put it in her mouth…she took it out. I put it back in…she spit it out. So, me not being too proud for bribery, offered more fruit snacks. It worked. Can anyone fedex me some more fruit snacks for the next week and a half?

Jenna is also a bed hog. She slept in between Jamie and me for part of the night. But she started turning sideways, and pushing Jamie out of bed. He ended up on the cot.

It’s Tuesday morning as I type this. She is awake in bed, watching us. She has hold of her puppy, but not really wanting us too close.

Thank you for your prayers!

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Karin said...

She is absolutely precious!! So great to see pics--although it must have been so hard for her to keep seeing her former nannies. :( Poor little tyke...it will get better. She just doesn't know it yet.