Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home & Family

Oh, it is good to be home. It felt like a long journey home, but from what I've heard from some of the other traveling families, our trip was a dream. One friend had canceled flights, another has a little one in the hospital in Hong Kong. Praying for that sweet girl so the family can get home ASAP!

Our journey home started Friday, late afternoon China time. Cordelia met us at the hotel to give us Jenna's paperwork and visa. We drove from GZ to Hong Kong with another family. It was a longer drive than what we anticipated, but it was fun chatting with our friends. Right before the border into HK, we seperated into two vans. Then stop for leaving China, and another to enter HK. I was surprised how involved this process was considering HK is now part of China.

It was another 1/2 hour or so past the border to get to our hotel for the night. Jamie kept trying to chat with the uber-fast driver because it looked like he was really tired. That's always a fun drive, especially since they can't carry on a conversation or even tell him to turn off and take a break. But we made it.

The next morning, we took a direct flight from HK. We left on time, and had a very uneventful flight. Charlie slept quite a while, thanks to Triaminic PM, but it didn't work so well on Jenna. She only slept maybe 2 hours. She had only one meltdown on the plane, but it didn't last too long. Right or wrong, bribery was involved to get her quiet.

We made it through immigration in record time...15 minutes at the most. Luckily, our flight was the first in from Asia, so the lines were nil. The last guy we talked to ask if we were bringing in any plants, etc. Then he asked if we were bringing in large amounts of money. Jamie and I both laughed, and I said, "Not now." He told us to go on ahead...obviously not understanding the joke...loads of money post-adoption? Sure!
Together at the airport.

My dad picked us up at the airport, and brought Jacob and Amarin along, too. It was so good to see them and they looked like they had grown a foot! We road home...half asleep.

When we walked through the door, I could smell dinner cooking. Yes! Mom was there with Laura, and had put a roast with veggies in the crockpot. And the house? Spotless! (I later discovered that she had cleaned rooms top to bottom...including ceiling fans, appliances, and the tops of tall pieces of furniture). A dream come true to walk into the house that's all clean and dinner cooking. And Laura looked so tall, too. Maybe because we were used to hangin' out with a couple of shorties for two weeks!

The boys are loving Jenna and she makes them laugh...even her little tantrum. She's trying to say their names and likes to follow them. Unfortunately, they have already introduced her to Star Wars guys, and she likes them. UGH!

Now that we're home..."baby boot camp" has started. Sharing and obeying are musts, and crying to get your way will no longer work...nor will the charming, beautiful smile you flash. She SO knows how to use that smile! (Beware, because she will use it on you, too, to get her way, and mama and baba will probably seem like ogres for a while until she learns). Only once at home so far has she tried the crying thing. We just sat her on the fireplace, stayed in the room near her, playing with the other kids, and let her cry. She hid her face again with her arm, and would peek out to see if we were paying attention. She finally stopped, we loved on her, and she's been fine. We corrected her "sharing" today, and she didn't cry. Fast progress? Here's hoping!
Her first pony tail!

She slept great in her own bed, in a bedroom that she shares with Charlie. She woke once whimpering, and when I got to her, she had little tears and reached for me. Awww...I held her for a minute, took her into the other boys' bedroom to show her everyone was still asleep, and then she went right back to bed. Charlie said, "I'm right here to keep you safe, Jenna." She slept the rest of the night, and we had to wake her for breakfast at 9:30ish...trying to get us all on the right schedule!

Playing alongside Laura after breakfast.


Holly said...

Wow! Welcome home! Sounds like all things considered it was a dreamy homecoming!!
Big hugs :)

Jenny said...

Yay!!! Welcome home!!!! I am so thankful you are home safely. : )

Cari said...

welcome home Angie and family!!! hope you are now able to get some sleep {eventually}. :)

Adeye said...

yippeeeeee.....welcome home, friend. So glad you are home and adjustments seem to be going amazingly well. So fabulous.

The pics made me smile from ear to ear. :)

Nichole and Craig said...

Welcome home. Loved the picture of her and Laura playing

Chrissy said...

So happy you are home! You all look so happy and happy to be together again. I got so choked up seeing the picture of the boys with you at the airport & the picture of Jenna & Laura together, they are just beautiful!

Sugar Momma said...

Love it!! Sounds like things are going very well. So good of you to lay the house rules now instead of letting her settle in and then shake her world up again. So smart, and all of you :) The pics are fabulous, you did such an amazing job of keeping us in the loop. I felt like I was there...wish I had been :)

Lori said...

So glad you are home safely with your sweet family!

The pot roast and clean house sounds like pure heaven to me! What a MEGA blessing!!!

Love the pictures!!

Cute, cute, cute!!

barbara said...

Love the matching PJs picture of those adorable girls!

Patiently waiting to meet you Jenna. I think we have an extra Star Wars costume you can wear while mama and I enjoy some coffee time :)

amyhusted said...

Welcome home Jenna and family!!!

Your blog entry today for some reason reminded me of Mark 5:1-12. Our children need hardships (rules and guidelines) in order to be successful in situations that are outside our homes. You offer me guidance as you offer discipline to your children. Thank you again for sharing your amazing journey. I too was touched by your experiences. (I can imagine your feelings as you got to hug your children after 2 weeks.) Such an incredible journey.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Angie your family is beautiful!! How blessed you are and your precious children also to have you and Jamie as their mama and daddy. We are rejoicing with you! I love the sweet picture of Laura and Jenna.
Beth, Frank, Amy & Abby Neece

Ann said...

Sooo happy for all of you. and so glad to hear your trip went so well. So I can already hear the excuses to bring another one of these beauties home, trust me if dinner was on with a spottless house I would be adopting at least twice a year. LOL! Glad your home and can't wait to see you little beauty.