Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hotel - January 20th

*Charlie loved his McDonalds hamburger

*Mommy teaching Jenna to jump on the bed. Why did I do this?

*Running around with Charlie in the workout area of the hotel...burning some energy

*Charlie holding Jenna's hand like a little gentleman. Look at how he had his hand behind his back! What's that?
*Aren't they they cutest?


*This girl loves her bread. Roll #1...

*Roll #2...and she enjoyed some bread off daddy's plate, too.

*Char fell asleep after eating his dinner...

*...and Jenna thought it was amusing that he fell asleep!

*Snuggle time with daddy after her new shoes!

*The new shoes!
Look who was geeked when we found out her shoes lit up??


Cari said...

so sweet...she is just a doll! Charlie is a little handsome dude, too.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I'm sure it's really hard to watch your new little daughter grieve so much for what she's leaving behind. Our daughter sobbed the first night we got home. For the first few months we often heard screams of "Take me back!" But two years later she's grown very content in our love and now she just wants to go back to help other kids by teaching English in her hometown in Thailand. It will take patience but someday you'll look back and see the wonderful transformation of this special little young woman and who God has created her to be.

Jenny said...

Oh sweet girl!!! :) My heart is so full for you all right now!! :) So fun. Love the shoes.

Ann said...

Angie she is absolutly beautiful. So glad things are going well.

Debbie Sauer said...

She looks happy and the two of them are so sweet together. Blessings