Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chongqing Tour

*I got a headband and flower in Jenna's hair this AM. she whipped it off at breakfast, but it was cute while it lasted!

*A banyan tree in city being decorated for the upcoming Chinese New Year

*We stopped to see the Opera House...famous in Chongqing

*This man was carrying plum blossoms in his basket...sometimes you see babies in them instead!

*Daddy, Charlie, Jenna, and our guide, David, looking at the coy in the pond.

*A happy girl!

*Charlie being introduced to a pet bird in the park

*Standing in front of a 300 hundred year old (or so) banyan tree

*During our tour, Jenna decided to sing "Happy New Year" in Chinese. I only know she was singing this because our guide told us. She was singing so loudly, that I couldn't hear what the guide was saying!

*We went to a tea ceremony...very interesting and the tea was delicious!

*Jenna knew how to slurp tea without a lesson. Who knew LOUD slurping was polite?

*Char liked pouring his own tea. He got right into the act of observing the tea's color, scent, slurping, and smacking his lips when he was finished!


Cari said...

Looks like you've had some busy days sightseeing! What fun!! How is the weather there?

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I hadn't been checking blogs for a while and suddenly I came across all of yours from China. I'm SO excited for you that you are over there getting to know your little girl! Can you please let the lady with the thirteen year old girl know about us if you meet her again? I'd love to chat with her as we adopted our daughter at age 13. Will be checking your blog daily now. I'm sure each day will bring renewed hope and healing. Lots of prayers for you and little Jenna as you all adjust and bond!

Jenny said...

Oh my word. I am in tears!!! I am so so so excited and happy to see Jenna in your arms. I have been praying for you all. We NEED to get these little girlies together at some point!!! We are praying for a good trip for you all!!! Are you staying at the China Hotel in GZ???

Karin said...

Love all the pics!! :)) Jenna is so precious. Did you get a pee-pee boy at the tea shop? They were one of the highlights of Jeff's trip. haha Do not fear if you didn't get one...they have them in the tea shops in GZ.