Friday, January 7, 2011

I Held Her

I held Jenna in my dream last night.
Jamie walked in with her, and she came to me when he called me Mama.
She was very shy, but smiled a little when I called her Mei Mei (baby sister).
She was wearing a little dress and someone had decorated the back
of her short hair with little clips and bows.
She was just the size I imagine her to be...just right to carry and hold, but not a baby.
She communicated that she had to use the potty, and she let me help her.
That was it.
But, oh, do I long to hold her even more now!
Gotcha Day is January 17th...soon, Jenna, soon!


Sharon said...

Oh my godness,you're really going to pick up your little girl so soon!! Congratulations!!! I can't believe it! What a terribly long wait for you all, but soon, really soon...your family will be complete :)

Thinking of you all xx

Serving the King said...

Sniff, sniff - sob - sob that was beautiful! What a great dream!!

Cari said...

I didn't realize your Gotcha Day was so close...yay!!

Holly said...

Aren't those dreams the BEST while you are waiting?!?
Soon, soon!!!
Can't wait for you!!

Jean said...

What a beautiful dream! And soon it will be a reality!!

Dod you know Sonia will be traveling then, too and Sally from Gracie makes ten (check my sidebar). Oh man- you all are going to have so much fun!!

Karin said...

What a sweet dream! Not much longer for the real thing!!!!

Chrissy said...

I can just see it happening in the adoption office they'll come around the corner, you'll be waiting, she WILL have a beautiful little dress, she WILL know that you are Mama, she WILL recognize you from the pictures you sent! This dream will come true.

Sally-Girl! said...

Jean sent me to ya! I will be traveling alone to China in 5 days with the same Gotcha day as yours in Zhengzhou. Hope to see ya there!!!

Beautiful dream!!!

Sugar Momma said...

So sweet...the dream becomes reality not a moment too soon :)

Gail and the girls said...

Yeah! January 17th is a great day - that's Morgan's birthday - she'll be 13 years old - it seems like yesterday I was living your dream. Time passes so quickly yet so slow depending on where you are.