Saturday, January 22, 2011

Medical Check & Shopping

US visa photo taken...check! Standing outside the room where the photos were taken with another family from our agency. Their little girl is from a Tianjin orphanage that one of you mentioned yesterday! Maybe it's the same one? Apparently there are about 600 special needs orphans there.

Charlie and his new buddy, Luke, playing peek-a-boo with the doctors at Jenna's medical check.

Look at this line up for medical checks! Saturdays are extremely busy as most families arrive Friday night and to Sat. morning for the medical. This time...all kids with special needs from what I could tell. Some older, some tiny, but all special in their own sweet way. Some were complaining about how busy and congested it was here. Praise God that it is busy, and there are so many children that have families now. Bring on the congestion!

How many nurses does it take to weigh a child? Jenna did great with all of her exams, and barely flinched at the TB shot. Praying we have the all-clear on Monday in terms of her TB test!

Family photo outside the medical office.

There's a great kids' park near the White Swan hotel. The kids FINALLY had a chance to run around as much as they wanted. Charlie ran circles around the much energy to burn! Jenna loved the slide, but definitely took things a little slower than her brother. There were a lot of kids at the park since it's a winter holiday for them for the next few weeks. We had to be sure she didn't get plowed over!
Char tried lots of different equipment. So much fun to just run and climb.

Wahoo! A twisty slide!

She enjoyed the car, too.

Pure joy in her face!

Ready to tackle that twisty slide again.

Riding the teeter-totter with Charlie. He made sure she was on the side with the tire-cushion below her so she wouldn't hit the ground too hard. Thanks, Char!

Lunch at Lucy's.

Our noodle-slurping expert at it again!

Still hungry...let's have another type of noodle! I'm tellin' ya...this girl eats!

New statues around Guangzhou. I think Jenna's wondering if this lady slurped too many noodles!

My littlest cuties.

The streets of Guangzhou are decorated for the Chinese New Year, too.

Seafood for dinner, anyone? Ewwww...
Welcome to Guangzhou and Shamian Island. It is fun to be back and recall the memories from when we adopted Laura. We walked by the Victory Hotel where we stayed then, visited the White Swan Hotel, saw Jordan (who runs a store on the island) 3 different times and he invited us to shop each time! We ate lunch at Lucy’s which caters to the Americans, walked a bit along the canal, and did a little shopping in the stores. The storekeepers are still willing to bargain, but they keep saying that business is slow and they can’t bargain so much anymore. And it’s very clean, without a lot of the sewer odors that we noticed last time. Perhaps it’s because it’s winter and the brisk air carries the smells away.

We had a great breakfast and found Jenna loves French toast…shocker. After breakfast, we drove to the White Swan hotel to meet the other 2 families in our group, along with our guide, Cordelia. We did some paperwork, handed it over to Cordelia so she can be our go-fer person, and then walked to get the visa photo taken and medical check done. While walking, we noticed some really nice parks and statues that were not here in 2005. Apparently, there was a lot of work done on the island to prepare for the Asia Games last November. We also walked past our friend with her 13 year old daughter who had to have 5 vaccinations. Poor girl was not happy. Apparently, over the age of 10, there is no waiver. You just have to get the shots. Nonsense!

The visa photo took seconds, and then off to the medical check. It was definitely busy with lots of families waiting with their new children. And it was so different this time as not everyone was sitting there with a healthy baby girl. There were boys and girls, older and younger, some with obvious special needs while others may just have been an older child. But adoption has definitely changed here. I think we were on the tail-end of the “typical” adoption with Laura.

Jenna did great. The height and weight that we had been sent was accurate, but something tells me that she may be putting on some weight soon with the way she eats! Goodness, I’m used to adjusting those size 4 slim pants on Laura as tight as they will go to fit her tiny waist. Umm…no adjusting needed for Miss Jenna. Her eyes, ears, throat, lungs, and heart were just fine. The doctor did spend some time writing notes about her hands and feet. Then she got poked for her TB test, but she was such a brave girl. We go back Monday for them to give her the all clear…meaning no TB.

When all was done, we headed to the park to let the kids run around. They’ve both been very patient during all of these meetings and appointments. They had so much fun and Jenna loved the slides. She giggled and smiled so much, but was not very happy when it was time to go. Lunch at Lucy’s was next and she was happy to get her noodles. Char ate pizza and had a Sunkist pop. He was satisfied. We shopped afterward, buying a few souvenirs, and then went back to our hotel for a rest.

It was really fun today to meet up with some bloggy friends. I find myself watching for them, and if I see someone I recognize, I have to say “hi” to them and tell them that I’ve visited their blog. Sometimes they recognize me, too, and we chat…and usually mention how much we miss keeping up with one another’s blogs while we’re over here. ‘Cause, ya know…it’s important that we keep up on what’s happening in everyone else’s lives. We don’t want to miss any details! Thanks to all of you for keeping up with ours!

Good night from Guangzhou!


amyhusted said...

Glad to hear your travel has kept you all safe and sounds like all is going smoothly. I had to chuckle a little about the ladies checking out your Jenna. You kept it together well, I thought. I have a feeling Jenna may have a hug like Laura's. I waiting to test that hug out of yours Jenna. I'm smiling knowing that your little girl will soon be home with you. Blessings to you all :)

Karin said...

LOVE all the pics...and the ones of Jenna smiling just melt my heart! So glad she is doing better and getting used to you all. :) Hope you get some great weather in GZ. We were there about this time two years ago and I spent every possible hour outside before having to head back home to the snow. him!! :) He cracks me up! And Lucy's...I can taste the food just looking at your pics. Ahhhhh....

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Loved the smiles in the park. So glad she's adjusting so well. I remember our daughter who was 13 needing to get four shots at once. She was a trooper but in pain. Poor kids!