Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Gotcha Day Photos

This was the first glimpse of our little Jenna. She was all smiles!

Charlie gave Jenna her puppy from Build-A-Bear. He was adamant that was HIS job!

Charlie and Jenna...sweet kids!

Char got his share of attention from the orphanage caretakers, too. Not sure all that they were saying, but they seemed pretty enamored wit him.

Group photo...the orphanage office director, her "daughter", and us

Group photo with David, our guide in the orange coat, and the orphanage director on the right

Jenna crying in Daddy's arms

Char trying to arrange her toys for her to make her feel better...such a good big brother

Charlie watched movies during most of Jenna's screaming. What a trooper he was!

Jenna wanted out...she sitting by the door just wanting to leave.

She's feeling better playing with her new Mulan doll.

Char and Jenna playing together.


Lori said...

What sweet pictures!!

Jenna is positively precious!!

Sonja Zeek said...

Great Pictures! I know Jenna's happy despite the tears. Congratulations! We're so happy for you!

Sugar Momma said...

Crying is good....as hard as it is to witness and not be able to "fix". She is adorable. Praying your transition will smooth out and her little heart will be open to the bonding/attaching with you all. But, for a first day...these pics look fabulous :) Hang in there!

Cari said...

She is beautiful, Angie! Congratulations to your family :)

Amy Murphy said...

She's so cute. Continuing to pray that her transition goes well.

Michelle said...

Poor little darlin'...just breaks my heart for her, for y'all!!! Praying that she quickly feels peaceful and safe with y'all and feels your love for her. Charlie is a GOOD big brother.

Ann said...

She is just adorable Angie. Praying for peace. Praying for her little heart to be full of joy. Thanks for sharing your story. The ups and the downs. enjoy your time in country we will keep you in our prayers. Hopefully we will be headed to see and meet our beautiful daughter soon.

Anja said...

Thanks for the photos! What a wonderful smile she has! I hope you are seeing more of that every day...

Holly said...

So precious. How was her first night of sleep?

Jean said...

Love the pics- thanks for sharing!!
She is adorable!! God Bless her!!
Too cute sitting by the door ready to go!

Looks like she came around and did okay!
Can't wait to hear more!!

Nichole and Craig said...

She is so sweet. Congratulations

Debbie Sauer said...

The kids look so cute together. I'm sure big brother will be taking good care of her. Blessings.

Kathy Roberts said...

Oh, how Jenna's crying face looks very familiar--looks just like Terri's crying face on Gotcha Day in 2009 (Terri was 4.5 yrs old). Sadly, this is common for toddler adoption. On our Gotcha Day, a crying Terri picked up the hotel phone to make a call--she wanted outa there! Trust me, it'll get better before you fly home :) Smiles will replace tears. Just hang in there. Thank you for posting such a fantastic blog! Kathy