Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Quiet Day, 1/20/11

Today has been a quiet day…no appointments or tours scheduled. We hung out this AM, waiting for our guide to arrive with some notarized documents. When he arrived around noon, we went to a department store to buy shoes for Jenna, Pizza Hut for lunch, and back for a nap. Dinner held some tears and crying for her nanny. She wanted to go home again…Sigh…we’ll get there. It seems like every time we go to eat in the lounge, she makes it through part of her meal, and then starts sobbing. Not sure why.

We’re ready to head to Guangzhou tomorrow for a change of scenery and I’m hoping it will help with the tears, too. It’s really been too cold and damp to be outside much, and though this has been a great hotel for us, there’s not much to do inside. There is a gorgeous indoor pool, but the air temperature is too chilly to enjoy it. So, we hang out in the room, or walk around the hotel. Time to move on.

Jenna did well as a whole today. At breakfast, she demonstrated that she could spit watermelon seeds. Thankfully, they all went onto her plate. There were some tears, also, as breakfast ended, but very quickly gone this time. She and Char played with their toys and are sharing well so far.

She did get mad at me today…oh, let the testing begin! She was playing with some documents belonging to a lady we met (with the 13 year old daughter), and I told her “no.” She grabbed them anyway and held them away from me, staring right at me. So I took them and put them back on the table and she proceeded to whine at me and give me a not-so-nice look. She’s a smart little one, and hopefully it won’t take too long to realize that when mama says “no,” it means just that.

We found some very cute tennies for her at a department store…purple with sequins and very girly. She said she liked them and wanted to wear them right away. She told Jamie “thank you, baba” in her cute little voice that would probably convince daddy to buy her just about anything right now! I was going to take them off so she could nap, but she insisted she was wearing them to bed. Later, we found out that they light up when she walks. She was very excited about that!

Jenna’s day ended on a fun note. She enjoyed playing in the bath with Charlie. They were blowing bubbles and splashing each other. And…for those who are familiar with Charlie’s funny laugh…the one that sounds like a jack-hammer or woodpecker…Jenna does this, too, just in shorter version!! Oh, my. You should have heard the two of them in the tub. It was the first time we heard a big laugh out of Jenna vs. a little giggle. And…she can be just as loud! Apologies going out to those in the rooms on either side of us!

Interesting fact about Chongqing: Per our guide, horn honking is illegal because it contributes to noise pollution. Ummm…I think someone forgot to tell the drivers outside our hotel.
Our schedule tomorrow looks pretty simple. We leave the hotel around 2:30 for the airport with Jenna’s passport in hand. We’ll arrive in Guangzhou sometime after dinner, and settle into our hotel for our final week. We’re looking forward to meeting up with some of the other families we met in “blog world” before we left for China. Blogger is still blocked here, (a friend is posting for me), so I haven’t been able to check in to see how they’re all adjusting with their new children.

A final goodnight from Chongqing!


Chrissy said...

Was it just pure joy to hear her laughing?

Safe journey tomorrow!

Anja said...

It is so nice to read and see in the pictures how things are getting better every day for Jenna and all of you. Leaving the city will make Jenna realize that this is permanent and by now she has a whole bag full of good experiences with you and might think "this is not so bad after all".
All the best, Anja

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Yes, she'll get there. Sweet girl, I'm glad that she feels safe to grieve with you and then she can also laugh and smile. I think she'll heal from the hurt sooner than later. What a trooper! Hope your flight is uneventful!