Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

We leave so soon to bring Miss Jenna Mei home. Part of me doesn't believe it'so soon...the other part gets a little panicky! Once the TA is issued, it's "hold on to your socks 'cause everything's going at rocket speed now!"
**I keep wondering if she knows we're coming.
**and if she ever received her package last summer with the photos of us.
**Has she grown much?
**Will her clothes fit?
**What about shoes?
**I don't think I've packed enough meds. for the all the "just in case" stuff.
**She'll turn 4 while we're there.
**Has she ever celebrated her birthday?
**How can we celebrate it there?
**How cool that our CA is on her birthday!
**I should pack some balloons...not inflated, of course!
**I'm glad she doesn't need shots!
**I've never left Jacob for 2 weeks...but I know he will have fun with this brother and friends.
**How will the kids handle a 17 hour plane ride?
**Will Charlie be singing the entire way...'cause he's always singing at home.
**Jamie downloaded his favorite Bible song CD onto the ipod...or ipie, as Char says.
** he can sing away on the airplane and streets of China.
**Will he be considered a street evangelist while doing this?
**I need to buy more undies for Char...along with more meds. Both are important!
**Can we really pack only 3 suitcases for this trip?
**I have to plan schoolwork for the big boys while we're gone.
**Thinking about school when we get back...ummm...maybe not right away?
**First things first...let's get dinner cooking for tonight...


Jenny said...

Angie!!!! I am SO SO SO Excited that you are leaving soon!!! Who are you taking with you??? Do you need anything??? We are praying!

Karin said...

I am so excited for you!!!! How amazing that you will be celebrating a birthday and a consulate appointment on the same day! Definitely take some balloons. :) And lots of meds...haha. I am just like you--always taking every med I can think of 'just in case.'

amyhusted said...

Wow!! Your blog today reminded me when I was getting close to my due date when I was pregnant. You prepare, prepare, and anticipate the big day. I can still remember the first time they held my hand. I think it is so awesome that many of your children will too remember the first time they hold your hand. How good He is for all the blessings you can provide your children and those special blessings (memories) they provide us. Can't wait to read your blog so we too can experience your memories. Praying for all of you! :)