Monday, January 17, 2011

Jenna, Here We Come! - First Photos

Charlie up at 7:30 on Friday morning...ready to go!
On the plane ride to Shanghai. Mommy's doing her Bible study, and Char's playing his game. No, that's not his Heineken!

This is the look I'm sure we all had after a 14 hour plane ride, and one hour car ride to our hotel in Shanghai!
Charlie got an icecream treat before bed in Shanghai.
Jamie and Charlie had time to do some playing in the pool.

This bamboo photo is for you, Jacob. It was in the airport!

Coke...a universal symbol no matter what the language!

On our flight to Chongqing...we all felt a bit like this!

On the stairs at our hotel in Chongqing.

Signing papers with our guide, David, before going to meet Jenna.

David took us to a local department store to buy a new USB to download photos...and there are clothes here if needed!

These girls were looking and giggling at us, and saying "hi." So, I took their photo!

There are flower markets all over Chongqing. The flowers are still in full bloom here even though it was snowing a bit today.
Typical view of laundry hanging outside apartments.
Wrapping gifts to give to the nannies and orphanage director.


Gail and the girls said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. The anticipation is written all over everyones faces.

amyhusted said...

What an awesome day. So glad to hear all is going well and it seems as Jenna is going to fit right in. Her smile seems contagious just like Charlie's.