Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Update on Jenna

We received an update today on our Jenna Mei.
We were really hoping for a photo, but I'll take the measurements they sent!
Any info is good!
Height: 96 cm./37.8 in.
Weight: 12 kg./29.7 lbs.
Feet: 14.5 cm/5.7 in.
So, she's gained 3 pounds and is 1.5 inches taller than the update we received last July.
She's almost the same height as Charlie now. Actually, 1.5 inches shorter...
so I think that puts her right about Laura's height. And a couple pounds heavier than Laura.
Goodness...they just might look like triplets!
Good news is that the clothing we packed should fit OK...size 4 slim. I think we'll have to wait until we get there to see what shoes she will need.
The boys and I had a nice chat about Jenna and what they may experience when she gets home, as well as a reminder about her special need. Jacob thinks her special need is cool because he doesn't know of anyone else like her! My optimist!
I also know that she will have some mighty upset brothers if someone picks on her!
Amen to that!
Brothers, protect your sisters!
I know for sure that Charlie thinks he will be her "main" protector...awesome!
Unless she's very strong-willed and wants to be HIS protector. Then there could be a clash of wills!
I keep wondering what her personality will be like,
and what her voice sounds like,
and if she will eat the food I cook (or order for delivery),
and how she will react to two bigger brothers,
and a "big" sister who is smaller than she is,
and who needs so much more help than she does?
Does she eat with chopsticks, or have they taught her to use a fork?
Have they let her hair grow?
Will she smile at us or cry or scream?
How will she sleep that first night? and with whom?
Oh, so many thoughts going through my head.
I guess I'll find out the time you all wake up...she will be ours and we'll know the answers to our million questions!


amyhusted said...

Another WOW I received after reading this blog. I am so happy for you, Jenna, and your whole family. On Monday I will be thinking of you holding your little girl in your arms.

Serving the King said...

Oh my goodness my friend, I have so much to do yet here I sit, so excited for all of us sobbing over our blog updates for today. We are so close!! See you in GZ!!

cathie said...

how exciting!!!! i didnt realize she had special needs.. guess im out of the loop not being in life group with you anymore, which i miss, but mondays arelife group for chuck and i...praying all goes well

Karin said...

Oh exciting!! I wonder if she really weighs that much without the five layers of clothes that they probably have on her? LOL. I guess you will find out soon!!!!

Gail and the girls said...

We will be celebrating and praying for all of you on Monday - January 17th! Prayers will continue until everyone is home safely and feeling at home as a family. God speed!

Sally-Girl! said...

See ya in GZ!!! Safe flights! Can so relate to your hubby's neck right now!! Just thinking of 21 hours of travel makes mine stiffer!!!

Holly said...

I am so very excited for you! soon...soon!!May the Lord go before you and make your way smooth!

Chrissy said...

I can't express what I'm feeling for you and for Jenna right now. It's just so overwhelming. Have a wonderful trip and most of all a wonderful time meeting her & becoming her family!

Sugar Momma said...

So excited for you! Praying for you all :) I remember the first days, the excitement and there is one thing that is for is GOOD!! Go get that baby girl!! :) Love you my friend!

Jean said...

So excited for you! Can't believe the time has come!!

Looking forward to seeing her in your arms!!