Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New things...

Today...another day of firsts. I tell ya. These kids that come home to new families, especially from another country, are so resilient. They must be on constant overload. Everything is new...language, smells, the way people look, clothing, food, bed, toothbrushes, weather, their home, routines, jet lag. NOTHING is the same. Not even their name. Their familiar scent is washed away with baby soap. I think if it was me, I'd be curled up in a corner.
Jenna is amazing us with her awesome personality and enthusiasm. She made it through our first attempt since being back, albight a bit feeble, at homeschooling. Jenna sat through the Bible lesson. Can you imagine quietly sitting through one in a foreign language, having no clue what the Bible even is? She thought it was fun to point to all the letters on the ABC chart (in her own random order) with a ruler. She loves to color, trying many hues. She wasn't quite sure what to do with playdough. Legos were played with and number cards held tightly in her hand while she watched me work with Char.
The kids played some more, ate lunch, took rests, and then I decided to take them all outside to play in the crazy amount of snow that fell. So, not having ever seen snow of this magnitude, perhaps not much at all, I bundled Jenna like the Michelin man. The Chinese "clothes police" would be so proud of me! She looked adorable. But I think she's wondering how on earth she's supposed to move.
Seriously...I'm supposed to go out in that? My sentiments exactly, Jenna.

As one may conclude, Jenna was not all about playing in this snow. Her eyes were watering from the cold, and her smile was left somewhere in the house...where it was warm.

Nice try, big brother. Still not diggin' this stuff. (No pun intended!)

How about a sled ride out to get the mail?

So, (much to my excitement because I really do NOT like winter), we headed back into the house to bake some cookies.

And she played in water with some kitchen gadgets. No, I'm not making her wash dishes yet!

Mmmmm...she loves cookies. She downed three of them before her brothers even got a chance to eat one!

Here's the crew, enjoying hot chocolate and cookies. Jenna wasn't big on the hot chocolate.

Later, after dinner, she was luring Jacob to chase her through the house. Jacob would "growl" at her with his arms raised, and she would shriek and run in the opposite direction...all while swinging her little bag and puppy. Jacob laughed and said she looked like an "old lady running with her purse."

Charlie got in on the act, too, and they had so much fun with their big brother. These two are funny together...two peas in a pod. God surely knows what he's doing when He places children in a family!


Shonni said...

Cute pictures of you little sweetie! That last one of her laughing is adorable!

Michelle said...

An old lady running with her purse! LOL LOVE it!

Kam said...

that last picture is priceless! looks like she is just doing so well! God is good! and who could blame her with that snow!?! we just sat Joel's feet in the grass when we came home and he screamed! what a difference now!

Adeye said...

Oh Jenna, honey, you have a friend here in VA who is soooooooo with you on that snow thing!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a precious family you have!

Angela said...

Oh your kids are beautiful and Jenna looks so happy! And I couldn't agree more with her about the snow :)

amyhusted said...

Can't wait to see what she does next year in the snow. I bet she'll be jumping, rolling snow balls, and sledding like her big brothers.