Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sentences & Apprenticeships

We have another first for Miss Jenna...her first sentence.
I questioned myself...did I hear a whole sentence come out of that little one already?
After only being with us 3 weeks?
But Charlie caught it, too.

I was helping Charlie finish his shower, so of course, he was standing up in the shower/bath tub.
Jenna prances in (the littles just don't comprehend privacy yet!) and
says, "Oh! Sit down, Charlie!"
No joke. It was so funny!
And her first sentence would just have to be a command to one of her big brothers,
wouldn't it? Look out boys...:)

Another cute moment last night after the girls' baths...
I was drying Laura's long hair. Jenna, once again, prances into the bathroom, swinging her head from side to side, flipping with her hands the little bit of hair that has grown over the top of her ears.
She was smiling and saying something in Mandarin...and I could only guess that she was thrilled to be growing long hair.
But, oh, my goodness. Was she really flipping her hair back and forth? Seriously?
Where on earth did she get that?
Finally, Charlie has found himself an apprentice. Yes, I knew he would be in some kind of bossman/in-charge position someday, I just didn't know it would be this soon. I wonder if his apprentice gets paid?


Adeye said...

Oh that is just way toooooo sweet. I think you have a SMART one on your hands, friend :)

ahusted said...

Got another talker on your hands. When can I meet this sweet girl?