Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those Pearly Whites

I took 4 kids to the dentist today. Can I get an applause, please?
Laura did not accompany us this time.
Although we have an awesome pediatric dentist...Laura is one tough patient.
So, we're trying the "mobile dentistry team" that goes right to her school and works with the kids there. That means I don't have to hold the poor thing down while they clean and floss her teeth...while she flips her head from side to side, screams, tries to thrash her arms and legs, and, yes, bites the hygenist.
Yes...all that from my sweet, happy, quiet, content, little Laura.
But, I digress. Back to today...
Jacob was planning to have two teeth pulled. Luckily, his adult teeth have moved into proper position over the past 6 months, and the baby teeth didn't need to come out after all.
He was a little disappointed that he wasn't going home with two teeth (= money) and a chocolate shake.
I was happy to not have to pay for 2 extractions...oh, right...and that he didn't have to go through the ordeal of having teeth pulled. :)
More good news...
No cavities...well, except Miss Jenna since this is probably the first time she's ever seen a dentist.
But only 3 little ones, and those will be filled later with the help of "happy gas."
Maybe I can get some, too.
She didn't like getting her teeth cleaned.
Poor thing doesn't like the taste of regular toothpaste, let alone the gunk that "tastes like bubblegum." Sure it does.
And really...who enjoys the metal pick jamming its way into your teeth and gums?
I thought not.
So, she feels like most of the world does about visits to the dentist.
Sorry, dental team. We really are thankful for you!
And the kids do love all the fun treats that you give them, and that they can play gameboys while they wait for you...and during the cleaning if they're really slick about it!
And I especially love you because you ask ME if they can EACH have a balloon.
4 kids + 4 balloons in one van = mayhem!
We had a calm ride home...and a stop at BK for a treat!


MommaBradley said...

This teacher is happy that when the mobile dentist does come for Laura that my wonderful aides will be there to "help" her... and the dentist :)

Adeye said...

Oh wow....good job, mom!

The dentist is NOT our favorite place :)

Karin said...

We always stop for a treat after the dentist, too. The irony never escapes me as I feed them sugar-laden ice cream after they get their teeth cleaned. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

I just took four last week too!! I was cracking up because my family filled the entire row of dental chairs!!! I laughed as the dentist went to each kid in teh chair in an assembly line.

No cavities for us but lots of extractions that will be happening tomorrow!!! YIKES 7 teeth for three kids!

sleepinl8 said...

I'm siding wiht the kids. I think toothpaste ads are using the incorrect context when they say "dentist-clean feeling". I must say, never once in my life have I left the dentist feeling that I have a cleaner mouth. Actually, a few weeks ago, I came up with the perfect description of how the dentist's office smells: like ground flecks and shavings of teeth, mixed with a nauseating, gag-worthy chemical fakey-flavor mixture. And there you have it. Ta-da. Please check out my blog if you get a chance ;)