Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update on Little Miss Barbara

Things have been pretty busy, to say the least, and I forgot to update you all on the AWESOME news about Little Miss Barbara. Remember HERE I wrote about holding a rummage sale for her family to help them raise the $15,000. needed to bring her home? has been called off!
A couple days after I wrote that post, I went on to the family's blog. I saw their fundraising meter had been increased over $13,000. YES!!! Over $13,000. in just a few days. And here this family had been praying and praying to come up with the money. Like many families, they didn't have a "rainy day" stash of money of this amount. It needed to be provided. And what a testimony they can now share!
You see, about one year ago, a man Little Barbara's family has never met, lost his young wife and unborn child in a car crash. This man chose to turn this tragedy into a blessing for someone else...namely...little Barbara. He used some of the life insurance money to write a a family he had only heard about...for $13,000. Can you imagine? On top of this, the gal that told him about little Barbara and her family's need, is also adopting and need funds. She could have easily pleaded her own case, but she didn't. People's unselfishness is an amazing thing.
And, another person at church gave this family a check for $1,000., and another friend surprised them with an already-organized fundraiser. They are all set!!! And they are expecting to receive the official referral for little Barbara by the end of this month.
I'm sure any additional funds would help with travel and incidental expenses that will be incurred, but as for that big chunk of money they has been graciously provided.
Thanking God for His provision and His love for the orphan!

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Jean said...

Praise God! What a blessing! The Lord always provides!