Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's a giveaway!
Give-aways are fun, and this has been a great book for Jamie and me as we navigate this journey of parenthood. Each child brings his or her own personality, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and triumphs. A friend lent me this book last summer and I read it from cover to cover. Now, when the need arises with our kids, we grab this book and use it to help us find a scripture verse to pray for them.
Here is a quote from the forward by Fern Nichols, founder and president of Moms In Touch International:
"I am thrilled to see how God has used Moms In Touch in Jodie's life. She states, 'The MITI tactic is to use the Bible itself - God's actual words. Because they come straight out of the Bible, they carry the full weight and power of God's word.' Faith in the word of God is the most powerful force there is. Those things we see as impossible mountains, in the lives of our children can be removed by praying the promises of Scripture - God's Word."
It doesn't matter how old your kids are, because there are verses for all ages, as well as real-life stories for encouragement.
If you would like a chance to have this book as my gift to you, leave a comment! Feel free to link this on your own blog or facebook so others can have a chance to comment, and I'll draw a name this Friday!


Becky said...

I somewhat know the way your familly lives and the values you live by. Needless to say we are proud of your family and the way you serve others. If this book is helping you do that, I would like to read it. Let's face it---we all need improvement.

Kathy Roberts said...

Hi Angie. Count me in! My 2 girls keep me guessing all the time.....Dave & I need all the help we can get :) Would love a chance to read your giveaway book! Good luck to all! Kathy

Adeye said...

Oh wow....that sounds wonderful. What a blessing for someone.

Mike said...

I'm always looking for a way to incorporate Scriptures in our prayer times. Even if I don't win this book, I'm going to buy it before going to Thailand!

Sugar Momma said...

Oh Angie! What a sweet gift!

Holly said...

There is such power in praying the Word of God over our children...what a great idea to have a book to help with that.
And I hear you on the bedroom dilemma. We only have 4 bedrooms here and Elaina keeps Josiah up most nights!
Holly :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Love praying scripture over my kids! Please count me in!!!

Lori said...

Oh that book looks great! Am I too late for the drawing??


amyhusted said...

I'm so glad that you posted this book because this is exactly what I need. I know I'm too late for the drawing but that's okay cause I'm going to buy it anyway.