Wednesday, March 30, 2011

His Birthday

Today was a big day for Jamie. I gave him my word that I wouldn't blog his age...but you can read the comments because everyone seems to know anyway!

Our celebrating started Tuesday night at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Why Tuesday? Because kids eat for free!

5 kids + free meals = we're there!

Yesterday was when we put up the birthday decorations and gave him his presents. Today was going to be a day of running here and there, and we wanted to sit back and enjoy watching him open his presents...'cause it was going to take a while.

First...his new tv. He chose this a while ago and we've already been using it.

But, we "wrapped it up" anyway just for fun.

Jamie and his crew!

When he got home this afternoon, we greeted him with a "Happy Birthday" song. Pretty funny since most of our kids can't sing all the right words yet, but they sure did try...loudly, too!

The first gift was from the kids. They got him a very funny card, and chipped in to pay for his concert ticket (where they're headed tonight). Kind of funny that the kids REALLY needed their allowance so they could "buy" Dad's ticket.

Then it was a homemade book entitled, "40 Things We Love About You, Dad." Did I just give away his age? Jamie read it several times last night, commenting on how it was the "little things" that they drew and wrote about, like wrestling in the livingroom, playing sports in the backyard, and going for icecream cones. They all had to show Dad which pages they drew!

Happy birthday, Honey...Dad...Daddy...Baba!

Next, a pair of kids' shoes. Really? No!

I sent out an email a while ago for friends and family to send Jamie a birthday card for this big day. But they had to send it to our friend's house so it would be a surprise. We put them all in the box and wrapped it in a shoe box. Jacob thought it was pretty funny that we "fooled" Dad into thinking he got a pair of shoes!

So, we sat for quite a while listening to Jamie read through his cards. He was really touched by all the cards and notes. He rec'd cards from around the world...Germany, Norway, Japan...he had a great time.

Of course, we had to have candle for each decade.

Jacob took this picture for me.

Guess who enjoyed the birthday cake the most?

I'll share a cool story later about the cards.


Karin said...

What a fun birthday!! :) I am drooling over the Mexican restaurant. For some reason, we can't find one here that we like. So glad he had such a memorable birthday. :)

amyhusted said...

Wahoo!!! You made it Jamie. We hope you enjoyed your birthday and I bet the concert was great. I'm sure many people asked if the boys were with their older brother. (Hint, hint - I get good friend points for that.) Anyway, hope you liked your card and Happy Birthday!!!

amyhusted said...

What??? Kids eat free on Tuesdays??Wish my kids would eat kids meals!!!

Chrissy said...

You have the greatest ideas! I love the book with the 40 things they love about dad. I was reading this while on the phone & got a little choked up, so very sweet! I'm sure he has already noticed but turning 40 really feels no different than your 30's.

barbara said...

On the way home from the HS conference Brian said, "When is Jamie's birthday?" My reply, "It was Thursday, we missed it, I didn't get the cards mailed to the secret location in time." Speaking of those cards . . . where are they? Did I pack them in a box? Which box? Which room? Ummm . . . we are really sorry, but this moving thing has made me crazy and adding several new gray hairs every day.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Jamie! We'll get together for pizza soon :)

Jean said...

Looks like fun!!

He is just a kid- in fact I think I babysat him! ;-)