Monday, March 7, 2011

My "Steel Magnolias"

A few weeks ago, some friends and I got together to watch the movie, Steel Magnolias.
Do you remember it from the late 80s?
These gals and I have been wanting to watch this for a while, mostly because of the women's relationships in the movie.
You have this group of ladies...different ages...different personalities...different stages of life.
But they're all close friends...through thick and thin.
Well, we watched the movie and laughed at their quirks and cried when one dies. But what we marveled at was how they all came together for one another, especially for the mom when her daughter died. They were there, this group of women, to hold her up during this tough time. They loved...they were "doers."
Now for real life.
Last Friday, we got hit with a surprise icy 6:45 A.M...while people were driving to work and school. I'm tellin' ya...everything was covered within minutes with a sheet of ice. My windows, the driveway, our grill...everything. The elementary and middle schools were closed ASAP, but the high school remained open because students had already arrived before the icy rain hit.
Later that morning, I received an email from the school district that a 16 year old girl was killed in an auto accident on her way, with her younger sister, to high school.
It was so sad.
Then the next morning, I found out who the girl was...she went to our church, cared for Laura in the nursery, and was the niece (more like a daughter) of one of these good friends with whom we had shared the movie night. Now it just wasn't hit home.
So tonight, our group of gals that usually meet for our weekly small group/Bible study on Mondays, spent our evening at the funeral home. A group of gals of different ages...different personalities...different stages of life. In a circle of chairs in the back of the room, we laughed a bit, shared a bit, and were quiet...well, a little bit. There were some tears, but mostly we were just there...for the young gal whose life was so short, and for our friend who lost someone so dear. How thankful I am to have this group of "steel magnolias" in my life.


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