Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who needs words?

This just happened tonight and it was so fun to watch.
Laura...our daughter who uses no speech to communicate with us,
and why should she?
She makes her point known just fine.
Jenna came into Laura's room tonight while I was putting on her jammies,
jumped up onto Laura's bed, and pretended to go to sleep...while giggling.
Laura kept turning away from me to keep an eye on Jenna.
And as soon as she could, she turned around and walked right toward her bed,
and stood there staring at Jenna.

As you can see, Jenna thinks this is funny. Laura had a smile, too, but
stayed right there on guard.
Then as soon as Jenna got off her pillow, Laura got right down onto her bed...
my turf, little sister. Back away...back slowly away...

No, we don't need words from this little one.
We rarely have to wonder what she's thinking!


Cari said...

that is too cute!

Sarah said...

They are just too cute!

Sheri-Gifts to China With Love said...

You have a beautiful family!! I've been sitting here about 20 mins or so reading your blog. Yes, I should be cleaning house while everyone is at school. lol
Thanks for the comment on our blog. ;o)

Sheri (Mom to many)
Gifts to China With Love

Adeye said...

Aaahhhhhh....toooooo cute!

Karin said...

LOL...that is so funny! :)

Angela said...

Such beautiful girls! We have those same PJ's and I love them!

Chrissy said...

I love love love them dressed alike! It's so fun to see them together and doing all the girly stuff with Mom.

amyhusted said...

She has the most beautiful rosie cheeks. Makes ya just want to squeeze them.