Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Birthday Weekend

Birthdays were being celebrated all weekend long...lots of fun!

My Jacob turned 11 on the 11th of April, 2011. He thought that we pretty cool.

Sat. afternoon we had family over for a pizza/birthday party.

A double light saber from his siblings.

Star Wars...is there anything else?

The weather was decent so the kids could play outside.

Jenna loves playing outside with her older cousin, "Colie."

And boy oh boy, can this girl sing Happy Birthday!

She was leading the song for all of us!

Look at that face! He couldn't believe he missed one candle!

I'll get you...
Sunday was absolutely beautiful...sunny and close to 80 degrees!

We have him his "big" birthday present a day early.

A new bike!

And that made for two happy boys, because Amarin just got upgraded to Jacob's "old" bike.

Charlie's feeling pretty good about life.

Sunday was actually my birthday. I couldn't have asked for better weather to spend outside with my family. I loved Laura's pose for the camera.

Part of my present was these yummy eggs...think I'll have to share. Look at Charlie's longing eyes!

So, finally we made it to Monday...Jacob's real birthday. For his birthday dinner, he requested homemade mac & cheese, and frozen peas.

Yes...frozen peas. As in not warmed up at all...but straight from the freezer into his mouth...cold and crunchy. Weird!

Monday night he took a few buddies bowling. They had a great time. He said it was the best kids' party he'd ever had!

Happy 11th birthday, sweet boy. You're growing up so fast!

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