Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Charlie Quote

We're driving in the van today...Laura, Jenna, Charlie, and me.

Charlie and Jenna are singing to the music on the radio, and sharing a book on Easter.

Then Charlie says, "Mom. Will you turn off the radio because I want to sing a song."

So, I turn it off, expecting to hear a Charlie rendition of a Bible song.

Well, he kind of sang went like this...(insert your own tune).

Char: Jesus has horns on his head...

Me: What? What does Jesus have on his head? (I'm a little nervous here. He's not mixing up characters, is he?)

Char: Jesus has horns on his head.

Me: Jesus does NOT have horns on his head.

Char: Yes he does. Remember the soldiers put those horns on his head?

Me: (now in stitches) Not horns...THORNS!

I'm relieved...and still laughing!


Sammy said...

You have some cute kids!

Michelle said...

LOVE it...cannot tell you HOW much I love this!

amyhusted said...

Ahhhhh! What relief. He keeps you smiling. :)