Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Father/Son Trip

Last year, Jamie and I talked about how fun it would be for him to take a father/son or father/daughter trip each year with one of the kids. Dads are just so important in the lives of their children, and because the demands of being the dad/husband/provider, etc., can take so much time, we thought a special time for each child would be great.

So this year it began, and since Jacob is the oldest, he got to go on a trip with his dad first. Jamie let Jacob choose (within reason) where he wanted to go. Jacob sat down with atlases and travel books, and decided that California was the place. Jacob LOVES nature, especially trees...old, huge particular, the Sequoias, Redwoods, and Bristlecone Pines. In fact, his plans right now are to be a forest ranger. But he's only 11...that could change!

They took off last Wednesday and flew to L.A., drove up to Mammoth Mountain, were near the desert, in the mountains...lots and lots of nature. When I talked to Jacob on the phone, he couldn't tell me enough about the "beautiful landscape and scenery."

He finally made it to Sequoia National Park!

Exploring trees in a whole new way!

Jacob was so excited to see "General Sherman," the largest tree in the world.

Look at the size of this thing!

And this! It's huge! That could make one large table for a growing family...just sayin'...

He was amazed at the amount of snow, too.

My tree hugger...kind of...he does like to cut them down.

They stopped by a fruit stand and the guy working picked them a fresh bag of tangerines. They said the smell was amazing and it wasn't even peak season.

Ah, they made it to another landmark, only to find that is was closed due to too much snow covering the roadways. I don't see snow...must have been further up the mountain.

This is a photo Jacob took...he took A LOT of tree photos...A LOT!

And...they took a day to ski on Mammoth Mountain. They even attended a church service at the top of a mountain that lasted about 1/2 hour! Cool way to celebrate Palm Sunday!

The scenery is beautiful and not what I picture CA looking like at all.

Back to the trees...look how huge they are compared to the vans!

More beautiful nature

They had such a great trip and Jacob had the biggest grin on his face when he got home. Can't underestimate the power of "guy time."

Amarin has already decided where he wants to go next year...Legoland. He loves to build and play with Legos, so we'll see what next year holds for him. Charlie is planning, too, but I think he has a little time to think on his destination.


Cheryl said...

How fun! Those trees are HUGE! And I agree - not at all what I expect California to look like. Glad they were able to have this memory making time together.

Karin said...

Oh wow...that is SO cool! Great photos, too!

amyhusted said...

How fantastic. I think you can imagine what Gary said about the trip.....he's ready to go too. LOL What fantastic memories.

Jean said...

Wow- what a great trip with Dad!! Looks fascinating!!