Friday, April 29, 2011

She's Now a Princess

It seems like it was just yesterday that she was a commoner,

walking right alongside her own people.

But today, she is a princess. Loved and endeared by all.

She enjoys her "royal breakfast..."

And sits across the table from a prince.

The pomp and circumstance has had so many observers, near and far!

They melt at the sight of her.

She loves playing the role of the princess. that someone stealing the crown jewels?

Later, the prince changed into more comfortable attire for the celebration.

As did the princess.

Oh, if all could live a life full of love and comfort!

We just love our princess.


Shonni said...

Such a fun post and sweet pictures.

Kristin said...

That is a royal smile if ever I've seen one!

Adeye said...

Aaahhhh....sooooooo sweet! I love it :)

Nothing common about your princess.

Karin said...

That was very clever! Your princess and he royal subjects are very sweet.

*The Old Geezer said...

A princess indeed :-)

God bless you and your family.
Have a great weekend :-)


amyhusted said...

Wow!!! You made me speechless and I can't stop smiling.