Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birds & Paint

Sounds like an odd combination, doesn't it? Part of our homeschool, wind-down-the-year studies is on animal life. This week we're concentrating on birds. At 7:30 AM today, we were out for a nature walk looking for birds. We saw robins, sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, and orioles, while several flocks of geese flew overhead. We stopped and listened silently (yes, they can be silent!) to all the bird calls. The early morning is just the best time to hear the birds. We saw robins catching worms, captured a roly-poly...and reminded Jacob how he used to snack on them when he was a wee lad. Yuck!

Later, we broke out the art supplies. I'm with Lori...I do not like paint, or many other messy art activities. But with the weather being warm, we can at least head outside to do art, and not make a mess in the house. Jenna was in charge of painting this little birdhouse. I was reminded how happy I was to be outside. Paint EVERYWHERE!!!!! Praying it's truly washable so it comes out of her clothes.

Charlie spiffed up this little feeder.

(Wondering if Daddy will notice his drill in the background...)

Amarin had a building kit to put together. He chose to build a windowbox, and loved using his very own toolbox, hammer, screwdriver...and Daddy's power drill. When I brought it out, he said, "Oh, yeah!" Such a male! Later we'll fill the box and enjoy some flowers. (No, this had nothing to do with birds but it was fun)!

Charlie decided to get in on the manly toolbox work. We found part of an old tree stump and let him hammer away.

The look after hitting his finger. Just one of those painful lessons.

Time for an icy treat.

Char took off with his project into the woods. Bare feet...such an important part of summer!

What a ham!


Kristin said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day! My grandparents always had a feeder out their big window and a book to help us identify them on the table. I like to impress my kids with how many I can remember (honestly not that many anymore with this mommy brain).

Sandy Fritz said...
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