Sunday, May 29, 2011

Days At Home

I know, I know. I've not been the most prompt lately with by blog. Frankly, it's a little tough to top the blogs about swimming with dolphins. We're back to our normal, activities, grocery shopping, outings here and there, grocery shopping, etc.

The weather this past week was, very yucky. Cold and wet.We spent a majority of our time indoors, and we're all going a tad bit stir-crazy.

Yesterday we were finally over 55 degrees. Whoa...heat wave! So, outside we went to burn off all that extra energy.

This was actually last weekend before the polar winds blew in. Jenna decided to blast the boys with the hose. It's well water, friends...very, very cold water. She thought is was hilarious until the hose got turned on her. I decided not to post the tears. As the boys say...she's such a girl!

Daddy held Laura a safe distance away from the water. Guessing that was his way of avoiding a good soaking!

Today was a lesson in changing the oil. The boys thought is was cool until...

Charlie decided he'd rather build a house for an ant. 'Cause I'm sure that's exactly what the poor thing was looking for...a new, home...

Jenna and I decided to do our girly job of fixing lunch for our guys.

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Sandy Fritz said...

Yay, a new post. So glad your family is enjoying the dry weather we finally had. I'm glad Jenna got those boys first. She'll figure out the routine real quick.