Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MAW - May 10

Oh, I so knew what to expect today. I couldn't wait to get into the water. Look at my smile when Michael told me it was time to swim with Bella and Fiji! Caitlin helped me into the water, and assists Michael with props for the dolphins and me. Today, Jacob got to swim, too. He was a little nervous at first, but he had a blast!

Here I go!

Jacob got a ride from Bella and Fiji.

Then another fast ride while holding on to the dorsal fins. I'm learning lots of new words about dolphins.

My turn to hold Bella's dorsal fin. I knew it was Bella because she had pink around her eyes, like eyeshadow. Fiji doesn't. All dolphins seem to look the same until you really get to know them!

Then I got to ride on Bella's tummy!

Then Bella and Fiji spun us in circles. We were making funny faces!

Jacob was smiling...I was trying to keep the water out of my eyes. For loving the water so much, I do not like to be splashed in the face. Guess that's not working this week, is it?

Today I wanted to share some classroom photos with you. After I swim, we all change into dry clothes, and go to school...kind of. Michael is my teacher, and Caitlin, Angela, and Tabea help. Angela is an intern from London, Ontario, and Tabea is an intern from Berlin, Germany. They work for about 6 weeks here...awesome experience!

Michael is from Ohio, and he and Daddy have fun sparring about Big Ten football. Michael has his degree as a special ed. teacher. He's so funny, and makes learning fun, too.

He introduced the Dynavox to me today. It's a computer for kids that need some extra help communicating. All I had to do was touch the screen and the machine would talk for me. So I touched it, and it said "hi" to everyone. Then I touched it when I had to choose a color with which to paint...blue or green. Maybe Mama and Daddy will buy one for me. I was told they're only about $9,000.!

All my brothers and sister get to do what I'm doing in the classroom, too. Michael thinks it's really fun having a big group because he was one of ten children.

Charlie really concentrated on painting his wooden dolphin.

Good thing Michael isn't afraid of large groups! He said it was like having his own classroom!

After my classroom session was over, we headed to Theater of the Sea. It's a marine animal park, with about 6 different shows to see, including sea lions, dolphins, exotic birds, mangroves (the plants), turtles, and lots of fish.

There's a little beach where we could wade and feed these beautiful, blue clown fish.

Mama was having a hard time keeping me out of the water. I'm getting strong, ya know, and I can squirm really hard when I want to!

Oops...photos out of order. But this is a little noise maker that made me smile. I pushed a button to make it work.

Then came the bubbles! You should have heard Jenna squeal when she saw them!

OK...back to the park. It was not crowded at all, so Jacob was easily picked to help with a dolphin trick.

And we all got picked to throw rings to the sea lion.

See me smile here? Ya know why?

Because there was a dolphin jumping hoops in the middle of our bottomless boat! Really!

What a fun day. We didn't have swim time at the hotel today, but that's OK. I had so much fun. I can't wait for tomorrow when I can swim with Bella and Fiji again, and there's a lunch BBQ for all the families, too! I hope they remember how many of us are coming!


Serving the King said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I know we are not supposed to have a spirit of envy but gracious that looks like a blast! How fun!

Karin said...

Oh my goodness...just catching up on your blog...what an amazing trip you guys are having!!! Looks like SO MUCH FUN!