Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MAW - May 11

It's Wednesday, and that means two things. days of swimming with the dolphins are 1/2 over, and two...BBQ day for lunch! We arrived a little early for my swim, and just walked around the facility. We happened upon a sensory garden that was put together by two girl scout troops. There are lots of plants, fountains, feeders, chimes, pinwheels, etc.

Charlie found a pineapple growing!

And Jacob found a mango tree!

Today Charlie got to swim with Bella, Fiji, Michael, and me.
He was excited while he waited...such a cute little brother!

Me? I couldn't wait to dive in again. Char? Not looking very sure about this now.

Charlie's face was funny. He knew a splash was coming!

Then Char got to go on a surfing ride. Michael helped him, while the dolphins pushed Michael's feet. Look at Char smile!

Look at this group of smiles...

Still see me, Mama?

Then he shook hands with both dolphins.

Then Charlie and I gave the dolphins a "carwash" with our feet.

My turn again. We cracked up at the dolphin's face in this picture. Looks like Fiji is smiling at the camera! Such personalities!

I just love the water and these dolphins. I wish they were in my backyard!

A kiss for the princess.

BBQ time! After my swim and classroom time, the directors put on a BBQ lunch for us. They do this for the staff and families, at no charge, every Wednesday. They served hot dogs, burgers, mac & cheese, chips, drinks, and dessert. I really liked the snickerdoodle cookies.

Pete is the BBQ master here!

Great story if you want to read it.

After we ate, we all took off to the touch-tank. Joe and Kim gather specimens (they have special permission) from the surrounding waters and put them in this tank where kids (and adults) can handle them...gently, please! We kids spent so long here...and were very interested in all the different species.

Amarin, who tends to be a little nervous around animals and strange, new creatures, even enjoyed it. He was happy with himself that he tried touching some of the creatures (without screaming, I might add!).

I found it fun to splash...WATER!!! Yahoo!!!

Charlie was hanging out with Dawn, who is an intern from Scotland.

Jacob had a blast, too, finding all kinds of creatures. Here is some kind of a starfish. It felt like earthworms on his hand. He had lots of questions for Kim, who is in charge of marine education here. He also talked to some of the interns about the college studies. He loves the outdoors, wild animals, plants, etc. He's thinking marine life is pretty cool right now.

My little sister was a bit nervous about all of these creatures. But watching everyone else, she finally got up the nerve to touch a few things. Here, she's holding a sea urchin.

And Charlie liked the starfish.

Another really fun day. I need to rest now, but will plan to swim again later in the pool or the gulf.


Adeye said...

It has been such a joy seeing what a blessed time you had as a family. I think I could TOTALLY handle the swimming with dolphins :)

The pics are just amazing. I love seeing the whole story unfold.

So happy for your sweet family, friend.

MommaBradley said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on this vacation. I love reading about all of your adventures. What an amazing opportunity for your family. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!