Thursday, May 12, 2011

MAW - May 12

Well, today was my last one-on-one swim with Bella and Fiji. We're all kind of sad, but at least we have tomorrow to swim with them in an open swim.

We arrived early today to go fishing with Joe...catch & release. He likes to take people fishing right off their dock. See that bridge behind him and Amarin? That leads to another dolphin swim place where Joe first attended a long time ago after he had a stroke. You should read his amazing story.

Amarin caught the first fish. Notice how far back he stands? He's not one to embrace animals up close very much. That's why I was really surprised when he was so excited to swim with the dolphins!

Next was Jacob...wearing his famous fishing hat! He caught a snapper.

I like Jenna's expression. Not sure if the sun is in her eyes, or if she's not so sure about that fish!

Charlie was bummin' because he hadn't caught a fish. Then he caught four...boom, boom, boom!

Jenna decided she wasn't going to be outdone by her brothers, so she caught one, too!

Then they all begged Joe to catch one of the lobsters that was in their waterfall tank.

He caught one. Mama was really eye'in up that tail...

Dolphin swim time arrived, and today, Jenna got to swim with me. It was like a girls-only swim! Well, except Michael, Fiji, and Kyle, the trainer.

As always, I was happy to finally get into the water with my friends.

Jenna got to give a belly rub from the deck, while I did one out in the water.

Then Michael took both of us out to sing the ABC song with Bella and Fiji. You should hear those dolphins squeal a tune!

Then it was time for the "carwash."

We weren't sure if Jenna would want to do much in the water, but she kept pointing to the blue board. So, Michael took for a "driving test." She passed with flying colors and a huge smile!

Jenna and I both got to gently push down on the dolpins' snouts. That tells them that it's time to blow bubbles like a jacuzzi!

The dolphins brought rings out to me...

and then took them back to Jenna.

I gave Bella a kiss...almost a bite...but it was a kiss!

Jenna puckered up to kiss Fiji, but she didn't really kiss him.

Tomorrow is my last day with my friends. Very early, Mama and I, along with other families will all get into the water together, and the dolphins will have a free swim with us.

We're all feeling a little sad that tomorrow is our last day. We've had so much fun here.

It's a very special place.

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