Friday, May 13, 2011

MAW - May 13

Today is Friday, and my last day with my dolphin friends, and my people friends that I have met this week. I have had so, so much fun. I've been smiling a lot and doing my favorite thing...swimming and splashing in the water!

I'm jumping back to last night, though. We went back to the restaurant where they feed the tarpon and of those sharks was a least 6 feet long, Daddy said! Mama ordered alligator for us to try. Most all of us loved it! Jacob wished Mama would have told him it was chicken so he could eat his whole piece.

Here's Amarin eating his alligator, with a spicy coating which is perfect for him!

Jacob really wanted to eat crab down here. So he ordered fresh stone crab which is only in season here until May 15th. Phew! Just made it! Jacob...he's so silly!

Charlie had a bird sitting right behind his head, so he got up to watch it, as well as the fish and sharks swimming.

Now, back to this morning with my dolphin friends.

My sister and me...just hangin' out with the fish and lobsters.

Michael briefed us on what to do and not do in the water. Today was not a structured swim, but an open swim...swimming with the dolphins in their environment. No touching the dolphins today, and we had to keep our hands from moving around in the water. We had to keep moving, and not "challenge" a dolphin by nodding our heads at them or swimming directly at them.

So here we are. A mass of noodles, fins, and people, all having a blast in the water. Mama even said the water was warm. And if you know my mama, she's not very tolerant of anything less than bathwater temps!

More masses of swimmers! Sometimes we couldn't tell where the dolphins were, but those watching from the viewing area could tell us if they were below or behind or beside us.

We all lined up to swim together across the water. Apparently the dolphins think this is fun.

Sorry dolphins...we kind of fell apart!

There's a dolphin we could see!

This is how I felt all week...happy, happy, happy! Lots and lots of smiles and giggles.

Mama and I had a fun swim together.

I was giggling because Mama kept making noises in my ear that sounded like a dolphin blowing bubbles.

I don't know what Mama was laughing about, but she was having fun, too. She had always wanted to swim with the dolphins! She thinks they are beautiful and smart!

All done. I'm happy.

Very, very happy.


Chrissy said...

Oh, that smile on Laura's face is priceless!

Karin said...

So sweet to see the huge smiles on Laura's face!! What an awesome trip you guys have had. So cool that you all had the opportunity to go!