Saturday, May 7, 2011

MAW - May 6

This is not May 6th, but one week before. Julie, our MAW coordinator, sent me this box of goodies. There were a few toys, but also t-shirts for the whole family! We're going to wear them on the day we leave on my trip.

Very cool t-shirts!

Now it's May 6, it's 5AM, and this is my limo. I was too tired to look at the camera. I wanted Mama's shoulder.

In we go!

Cool lights inside!

I fell asleep in the limo after I ate breakfast. Thanks, Char.

Here's the celebrity...I mean, me...getting out of the limo at the airport. Where's my papparazi?

Posing with our driver, James.

The fountain is always fun inside the airport. Mama had me buckled or I would've been swimming!

Here's Danielle who greeted us at the Miami airport. She was very sweet.

And here I am with my whole family.

The rest of today's photos are on Jacob's camera, and we can't download them onto the computer here. More later!


Adeye said...

Oh my.....that is sooooooo fabulous! What a blessing for your whole family. So happy for you. Sweet baby girl....I can just eat her up!

Jean said...

Lovin the pics of your crew and the star of it all!!
Thank you for sharing them!!

You have a beautiful family!!