Saturday, May 7, 2011

MAW - May 7

We didn't have to wake up so early today. Mama, Daddy, and I got up around 7:00 and sat on the balcony for awhile. Soon, the rest of the crew wandered out, too. I sure was glad to get a good night's sleep!

After a great buffet breakfast, we headed down to the pool. I couldn't wait to get into the water. Daddy had to keep me from walking into the pool while Mama sprayed me with sunscreen. I hung out with Daddy...

...while my brothers and sister hung out with some friends in the hot tub.

We met up again with the family from the Long Island area. Mike, the dad, was so kind. He said it would be an honor to give us a jersey from the polar dip fundraiser they did on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

We spent the whole morning by the pool, ate some lunch, and then Mama took us little ones up to take a nap. The three of us were asleep within minutes. Nothing like swimming to wear us out fast! Daddy took Jacob and Amarin out on a jet ski, and later to the beach. As we were getting ready to go down to meet them, up they came with ice on Jacob's leg. He had been stung by something in the water...maybe a jelly fish? we don't put ice on a jellyfish sting. But he was better soon, and we spent a little more time in the pool before heading to dinner.

Dinner was so much fun. This restaurant feeds fish and shark that swim freely in and out of their restaurant area, has live music, and a fire juggler.

Here we are watching the fish swim.

We were at a perfect restaurant to watch the beautiful sunset.

And we had a great table to watch it, too...right by the water.

After dinner, the flame thrower performed.

The kids had a chance to take a quick lesson...obviously without the flames!

Charlie tried hard not to hit himself in the head!

What a fun day. We're all tired again, but Jenna and I still have time for a bedtime giggle, or two!


Jean said...

It looks like so much fun!! The kids are adorable! Love the one of them giggling in bed!
They are such blessings!
Happy Mother's Day!!

Anja said...

So happy for Laura and all of you guys! Enjoy the trip and being pampered - can´t wait to hear more about Laura´s experience with the dolphins!
A big hug,
Anja and her boys