Monday, May 9, 2011

MAW - May 9

All I can say today is "WOW!" I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

I got to swim with my dolphin friends today. Here's the story...

First, we arrived and there was a sign welcoming me and some other kids who would be swimming this week. See my name inside the dolphin on the right, just under the palm tree?

We all went upstairs into the lobby area. There were small tanks all around filled with little sea creatures...sea horses, eels, shrimp, an octopus, snails...

And we found this dolphin. But believe friends are much bigger!

First, we had to go through an orientation. We, and 8 other families, met the staff, the on-sight dogs, and learned all about the dolphins at the center. We heard lots of rules and safety information, and signed waivers for each family member. That took a while!

Around 9:20, Mama put on my sunscreen (that has to be environmentally safe for the dolphins), my swimmie, and off we went to "suit up."

Don't you love the girly life jacket I wore?

Then we went to see the trainers and dolphins. The trainers were prepping the dolphins, and feeding them fishy treats. My two dolphin friends, Bella and Fiji, are on the right.
We noticed that they had pink bellies. Know why? Because they blush when they're excited!
I was excited, too, but my belly wasn't pink...unless you count my life jacket!

At first, I just sat down on the little balcony area near the water. I didn't realize that the water was even there. Until....I heard a splash. Mama said my eyes got big and I tried standing up fast to get to the water. Bummer...they had it roped off!

So, I took off myself toward the little pool of fish that I could put my hands in. Daddy had to hurry up and catch me!

Finally, it was my turn! Deena, the director, told me to head toward the dock where my instructor, Michael, would be waiting for me. Daddy took me to the dock today, and Amarin was the first to come swimming with me and my friends. Isn't it cool that they are letting my brothers and sister take a turn with me if they want to? Amarin had to go in his clothes, though, because we didn't bring his bathing suit. He didn't care. He was excited...and a little nervous. But not me!

I wanted to go right into the water. Michael had to hold me back.'s time to get wet!

I'm ready, Michael!

Next, Amarin got in the water. Look at that smile!

First, we let the dolphins swim between our feet. It tickled just a little.

Then Michael, Amarin, and I swam out just a little bit, and the dolphin brought out a rubber duckie to me!

Then, the dolphin put his snout on the duckie and pushed Michael and me across the pool of water!

The dolphin pushed Amarin across the pool by pushing on the bottom of Amarin's feet.

Then we held a pole and the dolphins jumped over several times.

I had to rub my eyes because they splashed me.

Amarin flew across the water while holding on to the dolphins' dorsal fins.

My turn to hold on to a dorsal fin, with Michael's help, and back to the dock we went.

Then we got pushed across the pool on a swim board. The dolphin was pushing on Michael's feet again. I had a HUGE smile on my face for this one!

(Mama's bummed she didn't have the bigger zoom lens, but there was a photographer there, too).

There goes Amarin by himself on the board, with the dolphins pushing his feet.

Then we danced in circles with the dolphins, and Michael sang, "Row, row, row your boat."

Michael let me hold the dolphin's snout.

After 25 minutes, we had to leave the water. I had so much fun. Then we went for classroom time where we all got messy with paint. I even painted Michael's nose red!

We got back to the hotel around noon, ate a quick lunch, and this is what I looked like less than two minutes in my bed.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow to swim with Bella, Fiji, and Michael. Jacob gets to swim with us tomorrow, and Mama will be on the dock with us.

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amyhusted said...

What a sweet girl. It must have been quite invigorating for her to fall asleep so quickly. So happy for her.