Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

We just couldn't miss the Memorial day parade today. Small town...small parade...a whopping 10 minutes long if I want to be generous on the side of time. Not only is it great to honor our veterans, but it was also Jenna's first parade. So, we all got decked out in our red, white, and blue, and waited for the big parade.

Laura and I had to run across the street to say hi to her friend Sami, that goes to school with her. She, too, is from Asia, and they are often mistaken at school for sisters.

Of course, the parade had to start with the police escort...including an old fashioned car.

I couldn't convince Amarin that was the real Statue of Liberty!

After, we packed a picnic and headed to the state park. Laura was lounging with her little pony.
Yeah...she's got it made.

Jamie and Charlie went to the little store to buy some worms...but it was closed. Bummer. And we ate all our food, so no extra bread lying around. (Like there's ever any leftovers).

But that didn't stop Charlie and Amarin. They nabbed some fruit snacks, put them on their hooks, and tossed out their line...for almost one hour. Seriously.

We didn't have the heart to tell them that no fish was going to nibble their Veggie Tale gummies. Truth be told, they were just having fun casting their own lines.

See Laura? She thought it was a great idea to walk toward the water...thinking perhaps her dolphin friends would be there to greet her. Not a happy girl when we wouldn't let her go swimming. She slapped her leg several times to be sure we knew she was mad.

These two are like glue...even when they're madder than anything at one another, they are inseparable.

Jacob knew there was no way he would get a fish to bite, so he just hung out, watched, and kept us informed about his latest read...Jacques Cousteau. I now know more than I ever cared to know about the man...and, yes...I did assign the reading...must think twice before giving these assignments because I know I'll hear A LOT about them. There was a reason his papa knicknamed him motormouth at the ripe age of 2.


Amarin loves this pass time. My quiet one enjoying a quiet activity.

Jenna tried her hand at fishing. I'm thinking she needs a girly fishing pole. And I can't wait to see how she manages to put a worm on the hook...who do you think will squirm more?

Have you ever seen sweeter faces?

And look at her hair. I'm thinking some curls may be on the way in her growing locks.

My sweet, strong Charlie. He has the most amazing personality. We've really seen him growing up in the past couple of months.

Oh, and no fishing excursion would be complete without detangling a fishing line from a nearby tree!

Happy Memorial Day, 2011!


Adeye said...

What a super fun day, my friend. Beautiful family memories. I LOVE that they tries to catch fish with gummy's :) Toooooo sweet.

Adorable kiddos.

Sandy Fritz said...

Love to see the boys growing and your family bonding. Such sweet memories.

Karin said...

Looks like a great day! Our small town parade lasted about 5 minutes. wah. I was so disappointed. Oh well...