Sunday, May 8, 2011


I forgot to tell you about the lady from France. Remember her from the beach the first day...the one that laughed at Jenna for not wearing her bathing suit? Well, she found Mama yesterday at the pool and was talking. Mama shared later that this woman offered for our whole family to visit them in France. She said they have a very large home, about one hour from Paris, and they would like our whole family to stay with them for free if we ever visit France.

Wasn't that nice?

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Anja said...

YES, YES, YES, please COME! Our home certainly is not big enough to put you all up comfortably, but we would LOVE to see you! My father has a vacation home an hour north of Paris and there would definetly be enough room for all of you there. And here in S. we would find a way to get you all comfortable.