Monday, June 27, 2011

Cookbook Giveaway!

Giveaway time!

I love doing giveaways, and this time it's for

The Amazing Food Preparation Manual, by Stephanie Rhines.

See the end of this post for entering the drawing.

(Jenna not included!)

Stephanie is a family friend...a very sweet teen from church. She and a friend went on a missions trip to South Africa. They are helping a missionary family while they are there, as well as visiting at least one orphanage. Stephanie is such a sweet gal, and I know that those to whom she ministers will be so blessed!

Stephanie put these cookbooks together herself, and they include recipes from her family and friends. And believe me...these gals can cook! Stephanie's mom is a fabulous cook, and often supplies food for events. She makes THE BEST cinnamom rolls in the world! The last time I chatted with Stephanie, she was interested in attending culinary school...she would do awesome! Stephanie was selling these cookbooks to raise funds for her trip to SA.

You can follow her journey here on FB, and please feel free to donate toward her trip if you feel so led. I know she still has some cookbooks to sell!

Now in order to get your name entered in the drawing, you just need to let me know that you've visited Stephanie's FB page, and left her an encouraging note (can you do this without being a "friend?"). If you're like me, and you don't have a FB account (or if you can't leave her a note without being a "friend"), just leave a note of encouragement for Stephanie on my blog, and I'll forward it on to her.

I'll draw a winner this Saturday!


Kristin said...

I was able to visit their facebook page and read about their trip, but not leave a message without joining their group. You know I "read" cookbooks for fun, right? I haven't had the courage to assemble a cookbook of my own yet... someday. I think if I win you should personally deliver the cookbook and bring your smiling model (and the rest of the gang) along with you!

Kathy Roberts said...

(Don't have FB acct, so please forward to Stephanie)
Stephanie, you're an amazing person--so caring & thoughtful to help other people. Best of luck with culinary school if you choose that path--can't wait to try the recipes in your cookbook :)
Thanks a bunch! Kathy, Mommy to 2 beautiful daughters from China