Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day in Bavaria

We spent the day in Bavaria...well...not really THE Bavaria, but at a little Bavarian festival. Having lived near Bavaria in Germany for a while, it's always fun to go somewhere and "live it again." We arrived nice and early for the parade, while listening to some music on the accordian. We ate our brats and warm brezels while we waited.

Finally, the parade started. Of course, the police were at the start. Within the first 30 seconds, Charlie ran screaming to get on my lap because they were blaring their sirens.

Poor little guy got up the nerve to sit back down with his big brothers, only to see this dude on his way. He ran, with huge eyes, back to my lap and hid his face. Only after Santa was a safe distance past did Charlie think he was a good guy, and maybe could give him a high-5. It's really a love/hate relationship!

Of course, there had to be traditional clothing, dancing, and music.

Spectators enjoying the parade. It was a little brisk, so Char actually kept me warm.

These folks sitting by us were hilarious. All originally from East Germany, Czech., or Yugoslavia...they had thick accents and were so funny, especially the lady in the bright purple coat. She called herself Oma (grandma) to the kids, and got a tad bit upset that someone did not give one of the girls a beaded necklace they were handing out. She went after them to get one...

The sun eventually popped through the clouds, and we did a lot of walking, played at a park, and saw this feathered friend..."showing off" as Charlie said. But what beauty!

We just love when summer gets here and we can enjoy the festivals!

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Karin said...

I thought you were going to say you were in Frankenmuth. :) The parade and festival sounds fun!