Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Diet

Ugh. I detest diets. This family loves food...any kind, any ethnicity...well, almost.

I don't mind cooking, and sometimes it's actually fun trying something new.

And meal time here is serious business.

I can't tell you how many times after JUST finishing lunch, I hear...

"So what's for dinner?"

And it's family time, too. No phones (I love answering machines), no toys...just us and the cuisine.

But, sometimes there's a gliche in the fun...like the four letter word: DIET.

Yes, we have a little one who has been breaking out in hives for no apparent reason.

We can't seem to identify why they appear, but they do and they itch like crazy.

So, off we went to a holistic dr. today to see what may be done.

He was very kind, and took 2 hours of his office time to talk to us.

2 hours!! And there was less than 5 minutes of wait time beforehand.

He was thorough, gave us lots of suggestions and support, and then said that dreaded word (that I fully expected to hear): Diet

We need to make some dietary changes to see if we can find the culprit for those hives. The changes aren't as tough as I thought they'd be...lots of veggies, few fruits, meat, most nuts and legumes and seeds, good fats.

But here's the kicker...absolutely NO grains for 2 weeks, and then only brown rice and gluten free oats until further notice. Do you know how much this family loves rice???? And not brown rice...jasmine rice. No potatoes. No corn. No starch, period. No sugar, period.

Do they not know this is icecream cone season? And that pizza is a weekly staple?

But, we can do this, and I plan to get as many on board in this house as I can. I'm sure everyone will just jump at the chance for all this fun! But it will be good for all of us to eat more healthy. So, if anyone would like to share some good recipes, sans grains, sugar, prepared dressings, and fruit...please do!


Cari said...

hmmm...makes me wonder what lunch will be tomorrow! haha

amyhusted said...

Well you know I'm all about this diet. How about millet that is soaked? That's what I've been eating in the morning with some cooked green apples and stevia on top. It's so yummy. Hummus with veggies is another staple. I'll stop there or you may have way to many ideas flowing out of my head. Good luck to you - if there's anyone that can do it, I know you can!!

Kristin said...

Um... I'd be the grumpiest person in the house if we needed to eat such a restricted diet! Sounds like you'll be getting in lots of fruits and veggies. My kids would eat pork or beef roasts from the crock pot cooked with root veggies any time. Just put 1/2 packet of onion soup mix in the pot with enough water to cover meat and veggies. Start it early in the morning and let it cook until dinner.

Kristin said...

I just remembered a great series of posts at www.heavenlyhomemakers.com about Laura making diet adjustments to try to help her son's eczema. She was able to use coconut flour in some recipes. She has a wealth of recipes you might be able to use!