Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 24...17 years later

If anyone would have told me in 1994 what our lives would be like over the next 17 years, I probably would have laughed, or fainted...not sure which.

Our life together has been nothing short of an adventure...some valleys, some mountains...some plateaus. By God's grace, we've endured them all!

We've done and seen a lot, to say the least.

*residents of 3 different countries

*10 household moves

*10 different homes...however temporary they may have been

*5 children

*traveled around the world to bring home some of our children

*grown immensely in our love for Jesus, and try so hard to live our lives to please Him and not the world...obviously not even close to perfection!

June 24, 1994

We laughed today as the weather was so similar to our wedding day. June 24th, 1994 was a Friday...a cool, rainy, Friday. Today was just like it... a cool, rainy Friday!

We left for a date night to celebrate our special day. We hadn't been out, just the two of us, since last December due to not wanting to leave Jenna for very long...bonding and trust understand. But it was time...time to let the kids have some fun with babysitters (yes..2 sisters tag-teamed!), and time for us to put our marriage in the front of the line...quite challenging at times when there are 5 young ones needing lots of attention!

We found a Thai celebration to attend and had so much fun, and it also made us yearn to visit Asia again. Some of you know what I'm talking about...there's a piece of us that will always remain in Asia.

So, there was traditional dancing, AWESOME food, beautiful Thai children running all over the place (I know, I know, my van is full), and friendly people to chat with at our table. The woman in charge of the evening found out we had adopted Amarin from Thailand. She sent us home with a bunch of sticky rice to share with him...yum!!!

I love you, honey, and can't wait (really!) to see what the next 17 years hold for us!

June 24, 2011


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary, my darling ones! It is SO funny to sit back and look at where life has taken us...and compare it to the paths we thought it would take. I suppose that's what we get for thinking and not holding to the fact that God has MUCH better plans for us and will take us places we couldn't even dare to dream. Sending love from Dixie!

Kristin said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing where God leads? It rained on our wedding day, too. We were told it meant we'd have lots of kids. I think 3 kids in a span of 4 years proved that adage true. Looks like it you proved it true as well!

Kathy Roberts said...

Happy anniversary! 17 yrs--that's awesome! I love your wedding photo & your current photo--you guys look great! Did you ever think that you would do so much in 17 yrs?! And much more fun with your family by your side :) Wishing you many more happy/adventurous years ahead! Kathy, Dave, Abby & Terri

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I really laughed about your comment that you would have laughed or fainted if someone had told you where you'd be at in 17 years. God does have a sense of humor, doesn't He? It's so fun hearing about your adventure filled lives. I feel like you're truly a sister in Christ. Congratulations to you and your hubby! My husband and I rarely get out now since we became parents. So glad you finally got some couple time!

Sugar Momma said...

I am so far behind!! I can't believe I missed this post. Happy Happy Belated Anniversary to you both! I loved reading your post. It rained on our wedding day as well. My father who had offered a cash offer to my husband to just leave thought it must be a sign of tears to come. He was right about the tears but wrong about the man :) I love it when God sneaks up on a family who thinks they have got it together and shakes their world and what falls in place is more rich, more blessed, more incredible than that family could have ever imagined. I have loved keeping up with you and your family!