Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 Years Already?

Yes, siree, it sure has been 2 years. Two years since we met Amarin in Thailand. Two years since we walked up that HOT sidewalk, to the open-air building where he was waiting for us on little mat, trying to stay cool. Two years ago since we saw his adorable smile...a smile that hasn't left his little face. Two years ago since we thoroughly enjoyed his native land of Thailand. Oh my, how we'd love to travel back again.

When we first saw him introduced on a video of waiting children, they said that he could be "a bit of a clown." Yep...they hit that one on the head! And such a huge heart for helping others. He loves to help cook meals, vacuum (seriously - even though it freaked him out the first time I used it around him), care for his little Laura, build with legos, watch airplanes, and fix things. He is our Mr. Fix-it. He wants to be a pilot someday. He has learned how to read and is very happy to be whizzing through his story Bible...all by himself!

So, to celebrate this special day and this special boy, we went out for Thai food...which has become one of our very favorites!

And the spicier, the better. If he can eat it, it's worthy of spicy sauce. He had to sample them all, and even mixed them together. My mouth is on fire just thinking about it!

And guess who works at this particular Thai restaurant? His Thai teacher! Finally, Amarin has shown interest and excitement to learn his native language again. Yeah!!

Remember...Thai food is spicy. We have tell them to tone down the spice or we'd all be combustible. Anyway, as we're sitting at our table, we start sneezing. I'm eating rice and must have used a lot of throat is burning...and my nose. Laura started coughing...Jamie is sneezing...and the wait staff start laughing. Apparently the cook was chopping hot peppers in the kitchen and they were so spicy that the "spicy" floated out into the restaurant. They had to open the doors to the outside to vent it out before we all choked! Can you tell Laura was impressed?

After we all gained our composure...stopped choking and laughing...we ordered dessert. The infamous sweet sticky rice with fresh mango slices. Heaven on a plate!!

Here's a close-up...but don't use the soy sauce on it!

We love you, Amarin!!

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