Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue Angels

A surprise for the kids today! We were invited over a month ago by Make-A-Wish to see the Blue Angels airshow...but we didn't tell the kids. We wanted it to be a surprise. And surprised they were, especially our airplane-loving Amarin. He's going to be a pilot someday, you know.

We met at the airport, lined up all the family vehicles, and caravaned to the VIP seating area right next to the runway! We actually had to drive across an active runway to get to our viewing area. But before we drove there, we had to wait for other families to arrive. While we waited, a plane put on quite a show for us, making dives and twists and turns. Amazing!

We were very thankful to be under a tent in this HOT weather, though clouds were moving in and that helped. The kids were also very thankful for refreshments! Our friend, Ms. Kelly, came with us. She loves airshows...skydiving...right up her ally!

The planes were at the end of the runway...oooohh...the anticipation!

These men were all equipped to watch the sky. I know they were at least watching the weather because they were the ones we saw motion to stop the airshow when the weather got stormy.

Here's Fat Albert

After an awesome trek down the runway to the opening song of "Topgun,"

the Blue Angels took off, flew way out, and here they come back in formation.

I can't believe the precision of these pilots. They come soooo close to one another.

Yes, it was pretty loud when those planes flew overhead. The boys thought it was cool how the sound traveled so much slower than the actual plane.

Amarin never took his eyes off the sky. He has said for a while that he wants to fly a plane...a plane that does tricks in the air...with the Blue Angels. I don't even know how he learned about the Blue Angels. But he was all into it today!


Unfortunately, that was the end of the airshow. A storm moved in, with lightening, and it was not safe for the pilots, nor for us standing by tents with metal poles. We missed the rest of the show, as well as the meet&greet, but what we saw was amazing. We are very grateful to Make-A-Wish and the Blue Angels for arranging this special show for our families.


Jean said...

That sounds like so much fun!! What a treat for everyone!! I love how into it Amarin was!!

Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Karin said...

Wow...that is so cool! I love how MAW has additional fun things for families to do together. :) MI rocks with that, by the way. The MAW here isn't very active.