Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Gift

I received a fun email from a church/homeschool friend yesterday.

She told me that a man from church, who wished to remain anonymous, had made a little chair and wanted to give it to Jenna Mei.


Well, we had to head out today to pick it up and Jenna was very excited to get her special gift.

It is the neatest little chair, all wood, and it even folds up to store.

As soon as we got home, she tried it out, sitting in front of her little CD player, listening to her "Jesus songs."

To top it off, we made some icecream (also known as a really thick smoothie), and not to worry, Laura had some, too!


Kristin said...

That is so sweet, and it's a beautiful chair!

Cari said...

How nice is that?! Your girls are so beautiful :)

amyhusted said...

That chair is beautiful. What a sweet man. Hummmm, smoothies. Yesterday we made chocolate almond joy ice cream out of almond milk and chocolate, and chocolate stevia, then topped it with nuts.