Monday, July 11, 2011

Hollywood's Home

He's home after being gone all week at camp. The buses pulled in, parents poured forth, and kids came piling out, along with a semi full of luggage. Quite an organized operation, I must say!

We drove through some thunderstorms to pick him up, but drove out of the rain so we could wait outside and take photos. In Charlie's exact words..."Thank you, God!"

Parents have to sign the kids off the bus...and here he comes!

And from this point on, it was nonstop stories of camp: kayak races, blobbing, awesome food, campfires, roasting hot dogs, new friends, air-rifles, archery, icecream, chapel time, races, tug-of-war (totally cracks us up that Jacob was the anchor in this game!), mud...oh my goodness, the stories, and I know I'm missing a ton of topics!

And as for "Hollywood?" Well, that was his nickname all week, and apparently some kids never did know his real name.

When I asked him to rate camp 0 to 10, he said, "10, Mom, definitely 10!"

I think he's going back next year, and probably with a little brother at his side!

Even better than the stories, was watching his siblings greet him.
Miss Chatty Jenna had to talk and be sure he got the picture that she colored and mailed to him.

And Charlie has SO missed his biggest brother!

I don't think it gets any better than this!

Later when we got home, he presented us all with little polished rocks cut into various shapes. (Mine just happened to be the biggest, and in the shape of a heart! Just sayin...)

He said that Laura's gift was his favorite and that she would get hers last. So, after he passed out all our gifts, he reached down, picked up his sister, and gave her the biggest, longest, snugglist hug. "Mom, you know she'd choke on the rock, so I saved the biggest hug for her gift."
Yeah...maybe it can get better...


Kristin said...

I'm a little choked up. What a special big brother! Those are some blessed siblings. Love the nickname, too!

Anja said...

I´m curious! Why did they call him Hollywood?!?! Don´t keep us wondering, pleasssseeee! ;-)))

amyhusted said...

Oh my. Kristin took the words out of my mouth - I got teary eyed with Jacob's gift to Laura. Love the Hollywood name.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Ah, so adorable that I can't quite see my typing due to my teary eyes. What blessings!