Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Resident

We have a new resident. And it's another boy.

God truly has a sense of humor...'cause we need more boys...

Jacob had been outside feeding his rabbits, and he came running into the kitchen yesterday morning. "Mom, there's a cat in the driveway."

Well, that's not all the uncommon. There's an orange cat that always walks through the yard. But this was different one. So, we all went out to see it, and boy-oh-boy...this cat was a-cryin'.

Poor thing looked lost and hungry.

And young...maybe like a teenager, but definitely not full grown.

All we had was a can of tuna. He gobbled that up so fast and kept meowing and meowing.

And so friendly. He was following us around like a puppy, and soon made himself comfy on the rug in our garage...right in front of the door.

He hung around all day, and meowed LOUDLY all day in front of our door. Sorry, buddy. Not comin' in the house. He loved it when someone was outside and he could get some attention. We have no idea where he came from, but for now...Daddy has softened and told the kids the cat could stay as an outdoor cat. They're so excited!

Someone in particular is smitten with his new friend, MilkyWay. Yes, he already has a name. We see Char caring MW around all the time, and the cat doesn't seem to mind at all. Char wants to feed him, too, so I think he and I will have to venture off to the pet store for a few supplies...just in case we become the permanent residence.

After a big day, MW found a comfy place to sleep...not the safest place, but he's comfy and warm.


Kathy Roberts said...

I'm with Charlie--I have a special place in my heart for homeless cats/dogs. In fact, that's how we acquire our pets.....they end up on our property, and we always let them into our family. Right now, we have 3 cats--2 homeless cats, and 1 cat that we removed from an abusive situation. Now our cats live a pampered life with lots of love & cat treats :)
Hug Milky Way for me, Kathy

Jean said...

That's how we got our Kitty too! He was so hungry and in need of love. It was on my birthday many years ago and he quickly became ours!

We named him Mulligan! Good memories!
(He is in kitty heaven now)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Awh! So cute! Milky Way looks a LOT like our cat, Jenny. Jenny is a nickname for Jup Jen (the name of the cat at Penny's orphanage). She LOVES her kitty and loves to carry her and "squish" her all the time. The sweet thing never seems to mind. We got ours at the humane society. So happy for the kitty and your family!

Cheryl said...

You may want to look around to see if someone has lost their kitty. Our neighbor's got outside and wandered to the block behind us.(You knnow where we live and how far a block is!) The people brought it by to see if it was ours or if we knew someone missing theirs...Our neighbors were so thankful to get their kitty back home. :)

He'so cute! Looks like our Mia as a negative.

amyhusted said...

Your new friend looks familiar. Maybe Midnight and him are siblings? Congrats!