Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our days

It's HOT...HOT...HOT, mixed in with HUMIDITY!!

Hot and humid like we're just not used to up yonder.

But I'm not complaining...I'll take it anyday over the cold, bitter, winter days.

So, we're trying to stay cool and find some fun summer activities, and most of our outdoor time has been in the morning, while finding refuge in our cool basement during the afternoons.

Looks like Milky Way is here to stay. And he's scoring points with my non-cat-loving hubby by hunting chipmunks and mice that destroy our lawn. Yes. He actually had the camera out to take photos of this event. Yuck!

Robot building. This is Jacob's "Scrubby McBristle." He spins around, brushing as he goes. Now if he were only 100 times the size, he could be quite handy!

Amarin's robot is named "Monster Mike." He's ready to deliver a can of cola to you when you're ready. Can't promise you won't pass out from thirst as you wait for this little guy to find you...

Mornings with sidewalk chalk...

and thrill rides down the driveway...

and joining to make it even faster!

Laura's last day of school for this week, and then she has a one week break. I have to say that he bus drivers are THE BEST! Look what one of them made for her...just because Laura is her "little cheeks." They love her cheeks when she smiles! Me, too!

A cool outfit for these hot days and I love the ruffles on the bum!


Michelle said...

LOVE those cross backed sun suits with the ruffle pants!!!! PRECIOUS!!!!

Anja said...

We have 60ies and a lot of rain over here in Germany, I would take hot & humid with an AC in exchange for that any time - so enjoy!!!