Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week One of this Diet

I know now that if I ever have to move to another home, all I'll need is a bed and a kitchen. Why? Because it seems like those are the only places I've spent my time this past week.

This diet of no dairy (except plain yogurt), no grains...AT ALL, and very few fruits is no doubt healthy, but it's not like reaching into the pantry for a quick meal. I'm spending A LOT of time in the kitchen prepping food.

Some of us are eating NOTHING processed. No mac & cheese, no crackers or chips, no sweets of any kind...not even honey or agave. The rest of the family is eating that stuff in great moderation...well, except Jacob, who is probably praising God for a week of camp food. The hardest part for me is not being able to snack in the afternoons on something blue chips or veggie straws. I really, really crave them. I've also been dreaming of a homemade roll with melted butter on it...

That said, the cooking hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. We've been trying for a while to eat more healthy. I also grew up with lots of veggies that we grew in our garden so I'm not "afraid" of them. But it's a little challenging to find recipes that don't have some kind of grain. Luckily, I've been introduced to a couple great blogs that have recipes I can use. Here are some of them we've tried...

A bean salad, with artichoke and spices. We can eat all the spices we want!

Chicken salad with red cabbage and green apples, and homemade sugar, but lots of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a splash of vanilla

Quiche with lots of veggies (including zucchini and cabbage), and fresh berries

You would never know that those veggies were in there.

Lentil salad with carrots and onions, and cucumber sticks for a side

Chicken Stir-fry, with broiled brussel sprouts

Snacks of apples and nuts

OK...this may sound weird, but it's a favorite for breakfast!

Scrambled eggs, first blended with avocado and unsweetened coconut, with berries

How fun is it to eat green eggs? Now where's the ham?

One of my favorites that Jamie made...homemade beef sausage...very spicy and so delicious!

And scrambled eggs with stir-fry veggies mixed in there.

We've also had grainless muesli, smoothies (another way to get in lots of cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, etc. without tasting it!), venison steaks, grilled peppers and onions wrapped in foil, and plain yogurt with fresh berries.

One more week, and we can add in gluten free oats, and brown rice. Have I mentioned that there have been no hives this past week?


Kristin said...

Oh! Bless your soul! While that's probably extremely healthy - it's also a TON of work!!! I'd have complete mutiny here if this diet were necessary.

Jean said...

You are a good cook! I think I would have opted for the blood test to find the culprit- obviously I am not a good cook!

Glad to hear that are no hives!!

Sally-Girl! said...

I am doing the same thing for myself right now going gluten free due to thyroid issues. Can't wait to be feeling better!! I will have to follow your blog to get some good ideas for awhile!

Serving the King said...

Ok. That's it. You are officially my hero. I am in awe! You go mama!

amyhusted said...

Oh you are making me hungry and can I hire you to come over and cook? You know that stuff is right up my ally. Can I get the recipe for the dish with the artichokes in it and the beef sausage? Yummy!!! Oh, have you tried yogurt with lemon stevia? It is devine. Happy Cooking :)