Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm learning

It has officially been two weeks on this elimination diet.

I'm learning a lot. Some things are encouraging, while others are not.

I've always known that eating healthy was important, but never really gave any diet time enough to show itself fruitful. I'm a little impatient that way and prefer instant gratification.

And I like to does the whole family.'s a little bit of what I've learned over the past two weeks.

*Diets take time to show the benefit.

*Benefits do patient.

*Not all the results are going to be what we like to find out...because

it could mean a permanent change in diet.

*Going to a restaurant is not as fun.

*Retaurants rarely have healthy selections for kids...and sometimes not much for adults!

*Going through sugar/snack withdrawl is not fun. And what we went through is NOTHING compared to serious addictions! Made me feel a bit humbled.

*Groceries are now even more expensive because we're buying fresh food.

*How pathetic is it that we have to pay abundantly more for quality food.

*How frustrating is it that preserved, processed food is cheap and what a lot of people need to buy in order to feed their family.

*It's hard to bake a decent dessert without using grains or sugar.

*Not having eaten anything sweet for 2 weeks, my little ones will say anything tastes yummy!

*Charlie has not had ANY hives for 2 weeks.

*Jenna has not had ANY congestion (which she has had since China) until today when I added cornstarch...a brownies. Her congestion came back. Corn may be one of her culprits.

*I have had only one minor headache in the morning, while I'd usually have several per week. Bonus since this diet wasn't even meant for me!

*I'm thankful it's berry season and fresh veggie season because we are eating a ton of them and they're easy to find right now.

*Chilled strawberry-rhubarb w/ mint soup is better eaten as a frozen treat.

*Almond biscuits are yummy, and what I'm using for strawberry shortcake for Laura's birthday treat!


Adeye said...

I agree, is HORRIBLE that healthy food costs way more than junk food! Something is wrong with that :(

Kristin said...

I'm always a little frustrated that it took Avery's cancer to make me look hard at the way we eat. Sometimes the signs of how food affects us aren't obvious on the outside, but it's amazing how much better we feel when we eat healthy. I am glad you're seeing some results from all that work in the kitchen!

Kim Byrne said...

Hi- I eat gluten free (because I have to) and I have a lot of experience with food allergies with my kids. I eat very little grains and mostly meat and fruits and veggies. It helps that I grow veggies. Here is a farmer that has beef, lamb and pork-- Red Bird Farm, 667-7389, May also have poultry. Animals are grass fed but may also get some grain. Very lean beef which I like for ground beef. Grass fed is much healthier because cows were designed to eat grass. Also can try Chuck Oliver for organic beef and pork. He will finish the beef on grain for the people that want it and I do not believe that a 1/4 of beef from him is more expensive than a 1/4 of conventional beef. His number is (810)614-0349.