Monday, August 29, 2011

School days, school days...

5:30 AM came early for me this morning. And the kids staggered out at 6:30. Any other morning they would have been up by now playing. Guessing school may have been a determining factor in their grogginess. But they all were ready to go by 8AM. Homeschool grade levels are always vague since they do a variety of work, but basically Jacob is in 6th, Amarin 4th, Laura 1st, Charlie K, and Jenna Pre-K.

Today we did some art...nothing major as this is NOT my forte. But coloring is art, right? This is their character trait chart. They pick a trait on which to work, and then we add stickers to the path as they find success!

Jacob's art project for a while will be his memory/scrapbook of his Father/Son trip to California last April. He enjoyed reminiscing as he started organized over 200 photos!

Amarin had Thai this AM for 1.5 hours. His teacher said he's doing great and remembers a lot.

Yeah! And he really enjoys it. I'm so thankful to have found a teacher to help him with his native language.

Laura has one more week before Ms. Mary puts her to work. We're so glad she'll be back...we missed her!

Math has a new look for Jacob this year. I had to relinquish my role as his primary math teacher, and hand it over to a DVD teacher. He's doing pre-algebra, and I really want him to understand math, not just "do" the work. So far he likes it. Of course, it has only been one day...

Oh, and he also said that he likes this year's teacher better than last year's. Um...I think that's a compliment...

Little Mei Mei loves to string beads and make necklaces...for everyone. She still has blanket time for 1/2 hour at a time so I can work with the older kids.

The morning wouldn't be complete without a snack. Do you remember having snack time at school? Me neither. But my kids vow that they will perish if they don't eat something at 10AM.

Mom, I am so not into this school thing.

OK, well lunchtime is good.

And, of course, there is recess!

And one of their favorite times of the with a sibling.

Today, Charlie and Amarin got to spend time together doing an activity of their choice.

Yes, I know the weather outside was beautiful, but PS2 won out!

Can't complain when they're having fun together!

And Jacob spent time with Laura...feeding her a snack, taking her for a walk, and playing cars on my bedroom floor together.

I think it was a pretty successful 1st day of school! On to day 2!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The annual balloon festival in our small town was this past weekend.

Weather was beautiful!

These two little cuties conned someone out of their umbrella so they could have a fort on the balloon field.

The big boys hanging out and walking around on their own...under subtle watch of us parents.

They like thinking they have "all this independence." We love the neat kids they keep as friends!

The annual kids' football game while waiting for the balloon field to fill up with trucks and trailers.

And they have arrived! Here they are unloading their baskets.

The lead balloon is going up and spectators love to crowd around to watch. Jenna was pretty freaked out by the fire shooting up into the balloon, and when the balloon started tipping in our direction!

Firin' up!

And she's off! There was a decent breeze, so it didn't take long for her to fly away.

The other balloons quickly followed suit. Aren't the colors beautiful? Unfortunately, only 7 balloons total went up this year, compared to over 20 last year. Apparently, the wind up high was pretty strong and the other balloons didn't want to risk it.

What a crew! Can't get into too much mischief when you're right in front of the fire & rescue (and the police and ambulance were right beside them!).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The End is Near

Not that I'm into prophesying, but I do know without a shadow of a doubt, that the summer is quickly coming to an end. As a matter of fact, this weekend for our family is IT!

School starts, much to their chagrin, on Monday...bright and early.

Well, we may not feel "bright," but we will be up early.

The only one off the hook is Laura. She gets one more week of playtime.

But we're ending on a good note.

Last weekend we watched a floatdown. Tons of people on rafts, in kayaks, or just floating on their own, down the river.

Then we hosted a family BBQ for my Monday night ladies' group/Bible study group.

There were a bunch of kiddos, all having a great time! Such good friends and sweet souls.
A couple of us were even talking about arranging marriage between a couple of them...just joking...we'll wait a year or so...:)

The men had a chance to talk...rarely happens. I wish they could get together more to support one another. Being a husband/dad/head-of-household is no easy task!

And of course we women always have plenty to chat about...we never seem to run out of things to share no matter how often we meet!

Then it was a trip to the zoo with Daddy, and their cute baby cousin.

Jacob, Jenna, and their little prairie dog friend.

Jacob, Charlie, and the chubby little prairie dog who doesn't seem to want to budge!

While most of the kids are not looking forward to starting another school year, one little missy is raring to go! Give her a few days... she'll get the hang of that oh-so-pitiful-back-to-school face.

A few more days of fun, including a beautiful hot air balloon lift-off tomorrow and a BBQ at a friend's house with fireworks, and then it's down to business!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tea Party

Betcha thought I was blogging something political, huh?

We girls actually did go to a teaparty with Grandma, Aunt Julie, and cousin Nicole...

none of whom are in any of these photos.

Perhaps I would have taken more photos had I taken my camera and not relied on my phone.

Nice job, me.

But here are my girly girls. Laura preferred to smile when I didn't have the phone pointed at her. But she still looked so pretty at the tea party! The necklace she's wearing was mine when I was a little girl. Fun sharing those things!

Jenna has been excited for days about this tea party, and wearing her "prilly" dress. She was just tickled to see the real tea cups and silverware...oh, yeah...and the "all you can eat" scones and sandwiches and little-girl-tea, aka. lemonade.

Love that dimple!
Oh, and there's half of cousin 'Colie. Guess I did capture her in a picture...kind of...

Oh, yes. The tea was just splendid!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Men at Work

Sometimes Jamie travels for work.

And sometimes when he's gone, "manly" jobs still need to be done.

Like when chains fall off a little brother's bike.

And even though the boys have never fixed anything like this before...

they figured it out, and proudly displayed their "manly" power.
I can hear Tim-the-tool-man now...

Monday, August 1, 2011

His first HS credit!

Jacob earned what could count as his first high school credit last week.

Do you remember last year when I wrote about the Constitution class I took?

Jacob and Amarin had sat in with me to listen, and Jacob especially LOVED the class.

He's our history guy.

So, when our friend offered the class again, Jacob wanted to take it by himself.

Every day last week, from 8AM until noon, Jacob was in class, and on the last day, he passed his test with flying colors and received a certificate.

We're so happy that you enjoyed this! But...let's not dive into high school too fast, OK?